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CMC Markets Adds Two New Members to its Board of Directors 

November 1, 2019

CMC Markets, a UK based FCA regulated financial service provider recently revealed in an announcement several changes made to the firm’s top-level leadership and management team.

As per the statement released by the firm, it has appointed Mr. Euan Marshall its current Global Head of Finance to the role of Chief Finance Officer. However, it should be noted that Mr. Euan has been serving as interim CFO since the resignation of Mr. Grant Foley who resigned from the firm as Chief Finance Officer and Operating Officer back in April of this year.

CMC Markets Launches Free Tools for MetaTrader 4

September 25, 2019

CMC Market has partnered with FX Blue to provide wide range of free tools for clients using MetaTrader4 trading platform that complements functionality of CMC Markets Next Generation.

Crypto Demand Driven by Facebook’s Libra and G20 Scrutiny, Says CMC Markets

July 19, 2019

CMC Markets has announced an increase in client demand for cryptocurrencies as clients look to gain exposure using derivatives especially since mid-May 2019. The trend may be driven by Facebook’s Libra project and G20 scrutiny of the asset class, according to the global leader in spread betting and contracts for difference (CFD).

CMC Markets Creates And Launches Three Crypto Indices

June 27, 2019

CMC Markets has introduced three new crypto indices to its trading offering, each made up of a different group of cryptocurrencies, as diversification provides broad exposure and mitigates risk of volatility in specific coins. ‘All Crypto Index’, ‘Major Crypto Index’ and ‘Emerging Crypto Index’ are now available for trading.

OneZero Adds Dashboards and Tiles to Liquidity Hub 8.0

June 23, 2019

OneZero Adds Dashboards and Tiles to Liquidity Hub 8.0, The new features, which include Dashboards and Tiles, are part of an ongoing effort to enhance operational scalability and usability across an organization’s multiple departments and end-users.


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