Digital Custodian Hex Trust Deploys TradAir’s Trading Capabilities

Hex TrustHex Trust’s licensed and insured digital custody solution for institutions has deployed TradAir’s institutional trading technology in order to extend trading capabilities to its core solution. The
leading digital assets custodian now allows clients to trade digital assets directly from the Hex Safe custody platform.The blockchain-based custodian is further bridging the gap between traditional custody and the digital asset world as Hex Trust users can now access an aggregated pool of digital asset liquidity distributed by TradAir and ensure the best execution while monitoring credit both pre-and post-trade in real-time.

TradAir provides software to optimize trade flows for local and global marketplaces – including an end-to-end institutional trading platform, market-making, and distribution technologies, integrated sales trader functionality, and customizable front end. It facilitates Foreign Exchange (“FX”), Repo and Digital Asset trading activities for banks and brokerages.

Hex Trust clients are able to trade whether via TradAir’s advanced HTML5 UI, low latency API or mobile device in a full STP environment into the custody function. Alessio Quaglini, Chief Executive Officer at Hex Trust, commented: “We want to provide our clients with the first one-stop digital assets custody and trading solution. Leveraging on TradAir’s powerful trading technology, our ability to access liquidity and our digital assets custody service, Hex Trust is providing a fully integrated end-to-end solution to our clients”.

Ayal Jedeikin, Chief Executive Officer at TradAir said: “The institutional crypto trading space has been rapidly evolving in recent months. Bringing together TradAir proven professional-grade
digital asset trading solution and UX expertise with Hex Trust expert custodian service provides clients the latest technological advancement of trading and custodial services. Ensuring technical
leadership and the very best in User Experience has always been the objective of TradAir, which makes working with Hex Trust, who shares this vision a perfect partnership.”

The Hong Kong-based firm offers digital asset custody solutions for financial institutions, asset managers, and corporations, through its proprietary platform designed to safely and efficiently operate in the blockchain ecosystem. Hex Trust is in the process of setting up a presence in London.

After hiring Sebastien Donadio as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in 2018, TradAir grown to establish partnerships with a number of financial services firms, including direct market liquidity feeds for Polish FX brokerage Alior.

In July 2019, TradAir has partnered with SeedCX to offer the over-the-counter (OTC) trade settlement services recently launched by Seed CX’s subsidiary, Zero Hash. The firm has also recently partnered with Broctagon NEXUS, a liquidity provider specializing in crypto aggregation, to deliver FX-style, deep multilateral ECN liquidity for cryptocurrencies and open up new trading platforms for NEXUS users.