GMEX Launches Digital Assets and Market Infrastructure

GMEX has launched a new solution, the Digital MultiHub: a cloud-enabled trading and post-trade digital market infrastructure platform which facilitates 3rd party trading and post-trade services across traditional and digital asset markets.

MultiHub enables capital markets participants to gain simple access to regulated digital assets and market infrastructure via Platform-as-a-Service, microservices distribution model.

A lack of standards, platform interoperability and time to market challenges remain across multiple blockchains and traditional infrastructure.

MultiHub addresses this fragmentation, providing the growing global market of institutional participants with a faster and safe clearing and settlement solution for hybrid digital and traditional trading.

The solution offers access to turnkey digital asset exchange, custody, governance, as well as credit allocation and checking, collateral management and margin trading, order routing, netting and settlement across multiple trading venues, custodians and participants.

The hub is powered by AWS, which has also jointly developed the business case and created a go-to-market plan to help GMEX grow its business. Luxoft was also part of the project as a development partner.

GMEX Group CEO, Hirander Misra commented: “MultiHub is a unique multi-asset network of networks service that enables cross-venue, cross-participant trading, clearing and settlement of both traditional and digital assets with a single point of connectivity for both industries, which negates the need to integrate across venues. This complements our mission to cost-effectively drive the accelerated institutional take-up of digital assets by making it easier to trade, clear, settle and pledge them alongside traditional assets, heralding the new age of Exchange 4.0.”

Anoop Nannra, Global Blockchain Lead at AWS, commented: “The portability of digital assets has become an increasing challenge impacting trading and volumes.” He added, “GMEX MultiHub makes it easier for customers to access, trade and settle digital assets with a reduced carbon footprint, compared to trades that use the blockchain. This is because digital assets can be pledged by custodians without moving onto a blockchain. That alone means that the carbon created by the trade is far reduced when compared to trades that use the blockchain which is compute intensive.”

GMEX Digital Multi-Hub will be globally available via AWS Marketplace and is expected to meet the needs of different jurisdictions as it expands its footprint across the globe.

The firm continues to grow in many jurisdictions, having recently signed Taurus: a FINMA-regulated digital asset marketplace based in Swtizerland.

The Taurus Digital Exchange is authorized by FINMA to operate as an organized trading facility according to Swiss law and connects banks, issuers, and investors that look for an infrastructure for tokenized securities, cryptocurrencies, art, real estate, and other assets.

Trading participants can connect through standard FIX connectivity and access the digital asset segments of their choice.

The GMEX exchange trading and market surveillance solutions are key components of the GMEX Fusion suite which is deployed and trusted by multiple international regulated financial institutions across the globe.