Deutsche Börse And Boerse Stuttgart Report 2018 Trading Volumes

deutscheDeutsche Börse has announced its cash market achieved an order book turnover of €1.72 trillion in 2018. The figure is the highest trading volume since 2008 and an increase of 17 percent compared to the previous year, €1.47 trillion.

The order book turnover is attributable to Xetra, with €1.57 trillion, Börse Frankfurt, with €40.11 billion, and Tradegate Exchange, with €105.81 billion.

Trading volumes in December 2018 amounted to €116.1 billion, compared to €118.0 billion in the previous year. Of this amount, €106.6 billion was attributable to Xetra, €2.7 billion to the Börse Frankfurt venue and €6.8 billion to the Tradegate Exchange. The average daily volume on Xetra in December was €6.3 billion (17 trading days), compared with €5.6 billion in the previous year (19 trading days).

The most traded shares on Xetra in 2018 were Bayer AG with €75.43 billion (DAX index), Osram Licht AG with €7.41 billion (MDAX index), Puma SE with €1.92 billion (SDAX index) and Wirecard AG with €26.16 billion (TecDAX index).

Trading volumes on Boerse Stuttgart amounted to around EUR 71.2 billion in 2018, which is a drop of 11 percent when compared to 2017. Equities trading was responsible for EUR 15.6 billion, with German equities contributing with around EUR 11.2 billion. The most traded shares were Daimler AG, BASF SE and Allianz SE. In regard to international equities, Amazon shares accounted for the biggest share of turnover, followed by Apple and Alibaba.

In May 2018, GAIN Capital Holdings sold its institutional business division, GTX ECN, an institutional platform for trading foreign exchange to Deutsche Borse’s 360T for a total consideration of $100 million. The move marked Deutsche Borse’s continued expansion motive in the Fx space and institutional level FX trading businesses to exchanges.

deutscheBoerse Stuttgart, the second largest in the country and the ninth largest in Europe, confirmed its leading position in securitised derivatives on the German market. The trading volume in this asset class exceeded EUR 33 billion. A turnover figure of more than EUR 19.2 billion was recorded for leveraged products in 2018 – 19 percent more than in the previous year. Turnover from investment products came to over EUR 13.8 billion.

Exchange-traded products generated turnover of almost EUR 9.9 billion and bond trading had an order book turnover of around EUR 11.2 billion, with EUR 8.2 billion being corporate bonds. Stuttgart is responsible for 56 percent of Germany’s corporate bond trading.