Fullerton Markets

Fullerton Markets Provides Fund Safety and Education Services to Fund Manager

Fullerton Markets fund safetyFullerton Markets, the ASIC-regulated foreign exchange broker, has partnered with fund management company Colossus Securities to provide them with fund safety and financial literacy services.

Colossus Securities leverage its team’s years of experience in the forex and equity markets – with stock market analysis and investment planning being their core strenghts – to assist the firm’s global clients in establishing their financial plans and maximizing their benefits.

The fund manager offers a range of services, including cryptocurrency, e-commerce, insurance, asset management and banking services.

Clarence Soh, Chief Executive Officer at Colossus Securities, commented:

“We understand the importance of attaining financial security and we want to make it easier for our clients to do so. By providing them with solid market insights and personalised investment advice, we empower them to make more informed decisions that will bring them closer to their financial goals. Fund safety provided by Fullerton Custodian and financial literacy services offered by the Fullerton Markets team are assets that traders and investors value.”

Mario Singh

Mario Singh, CEO of Fullerton Markets, said: “We’re excited to be working closely with a partner that sharesthe same vision of introducing disruptive solutions to clients around the world. Colossus Securities continues to set the benchmark as an innovative industry leader and we look forward to collaborative efforts focused on bringing unparalleled adaptability and advantages in the financial markets to our clients.”

Fullerton Markets has recently launched its mobile trading app. PipProfit is a one-stop platform which aims to deliver improved convenience and seamless experiences to its global clientele.

The company’s white label business has recently scored a Malaysian broker as a client, BeGold, whose clients now have access to the trading platform operated by Fullerton Markets and the benefits associated with the triple fund safeguards provided by the Fullerton Shield.

In October 2018, Fullerton Markets joined the network where members are able to deliver their liquidity to other end-customers through oneZero’s Liquidity Hub, as well as manage their trading book and customize their liquidity through comprehensive credit, reporting and risk management tools.