Eventus to Enhance Trade Surveillance With QuantHouse, Joins qh API Ecosystem

QuantHouse has been chosen to provide high quality market data for Eventus Systems’ trade surveillance platform Validus. Eventus will be deploying QuantHouse’s QuantFEED, which provides the T+1 solution with consistent, accurate tick data, a requirement for effective trade surveillance and risk management.

Eventus‘ Validus gives clients a broad view of risk across their trading operations, with a focus on trade surveillance, risk and position monitoring, reconciliation and operational controls. The Validus platform has two standard implementations: on-premise enterprise and a cloud solution using Amazon AWS.

The consistency of QuantHouse data and timestamping ensures Validus’ calculations are based on an accurate reflection of market activity, while the quality of data normalization across QuantFEED products allows Eventus to quickly and easily onboard new markets without maintaining individual feeds in disparate formats.

Eventus Systems
Eventus Systems

Travis Schwab, Chief Executive Officer at Eventus, said: “Validus was designed from the ground up to incorporate all relevant data types and sources needed to deliver a holistic and comprehensive view of a firm’s trade surveillance and market risk. All of these systems rely on first-class, granular data, which is why we chose QuantHouse as one of our core data providers.

Eventus Systems has also joined the qh API Ecosystem, thus providing market participants with access to the Validus platform, which monitors for all types of trade surveillance including market manipulation and has more than 250 surveillance procedures that can be amended per client requirements.The Validus platform enables the tracking of specific types of manipulation such as spoofing, layering, wash trading and collusion.

Salloum Abousaleh, MD, Americas at QuantHouse, commented:”Adding Eventus Systems to our API Ecosystem means we are able to help market participants both in the Americas and worldwide access the capabilities of the Validus platform currently used by top tier financial firms. QuantFEED provides more than 150 data feeds via a single API, which makes our solution straightforward and easy to implement. This fits in seamlessly with Eventus Systems’ model, which provides a powerful, flexible, cloud-based solution for clients.”

By entering QuantHouse’s API Ecosystem, Eventus is able to broaden its reach, expand into new markets and offer its solutions to a wider global base of users. A large number of high profile industry players have joined the qh API Ecosystem, including CMC Markets in March 2018. CMC joined to allow easier access to CMC execution services by hedge fund and brokerage clients in more than 22 financial data centers.