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Crypto Exchange Platform, ErisX Adds Ethereum Co-Founder, Joseph Lubin and Tech Entreprenuer Cris Conde to its Board of Directors

erisxChicago-based crypto futures platform, ErisX has expanded its Board of Directors and has onboarded Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin alongside technology entrepreneur Cris Conde. The hiring comes ahead of the launch of spot and derivatives markets for the derivatives asset.

They will serve alongside DRW CEO Don Wilson Valor Equity Partners managing partner Antonio Gracias and ErisX CEO Thomas Chippas. Lubin, 53 is a CEO of blockchain platform ConsenSys and also owns a majority stake in the company. He has helped many crypto startups to grow. In a press release by ErisX, it said that Lubin’s experience in working in the digital asset space and familiarity in working with the Ethereum network had helped his inclusion in the Board.

ErisX Head of Marketing, Jessica Darmoni has told Coindesk that, their primary objectives remain launching Ether products but refused to further reveal if the company is planning to announce the launch of Ether products in the near future. Adding: “As a general rule, we don’t comment on engagement with regulators while we are still in process with them,”

Commenting on Joseph Lubin’s addition to the Board, Darmoni said, “However, we can say that Mr. Lubin and his team bring extensive knowledge and background on Ethereum, the crypto space as well as the token space to ErisX.”

ErisX CEO Tom Chippas added:

“As two leaders in the digital asset space, ErisX will benefit from the unique perspectives they offer and the enthusiasm they bring to the space. We also want to thank Cliff for the significant guidance and support he has provided, including helping shape the digital asset spot and regulated futures market.”

Joseph Lubin also added:

“ErisX has a unique position in the market with support from a wide range of investors as well as experienced leaders at the helm. I look forward to bringing my experience with decentralized technologies and digital assets to a model that will further democratize access to digital assets. 2019 is likely to be a breakthrough year for digital assets, and the exceptional ErisX team is poised to lead.”