Equities Positive On Easting Trade War Woes & Policy Easing Measures

global-equity-marketsCentral bank stimulus and trade talk development on account of Trump comments boost risk appetite. 

Summary: Global equity market is seeing positive price action today across both Asian and European market hours. The positive price action is influenced by easing trade war woes and headlines which are hinting at scenario were there is some level of progress in trade talks between China and USA. Further, stimulus measures related decision announced by ECB is also providing positive influence to market bulls influencing positive price action in the global market. But trading activity was slightly subdued on account of holiday in Chinese markets. Following positive price action in Asian markets, European market also saw major benchmark indices and key equities trade positive with European markets seeing fourth consecutive session of positive price run. Favourable developments in European political scenario, easing trade war woes and measures from European Central Bank to boost economic strength are viewed in positive light inspiring a healthy wave of bullish price action in global equity market as trading session comes to close for the week. In the forex market, US Dollar continues to decline while major global currencies are seeing a boost in value on improved risk appetite in the global market.

Precious Metals: Rare metals are seeing divided price action in the global market today. While silver declined, traders took the opportunity to stock up on gold given weak USD as geo-political issues are yet to be fully resolved. But gains in gold were kept in check on account of healthy risk on trading activity. 

Crude Oil: Crude oil is still trading in red today in US benchmark WTI but declines were minimal. As risk appetite improved and headlines are hinting at improvement in Sino-U.S. trade relations, crude oil demand outlook improved underpinning crude oil bulls in the global market

AUDUSD: The pair is trading positive in the global market today as AUD bulls are well supported owing to positive developments in Sino-U.S. trade talk related events. Further, weaker USD in the global market also underpinned AUD bulls providing the pair with stable, steady bullish price momentum. 

On The Lookout: Geo-political events this week have been shaping up unexpectedly in favourable manner. Aside from disappointing OPEC meeting, almost all major events this week have helped financial markets push through well inside bull’s territory. US President Donald Trump in his comments yesterday stated that while he preferred a comprehensive trade deal with China he did not rule out an interim pact which is a welcoming and refreshing change of pace compared to threaten tactics which both nations have been pursuing so far. In latest developments on Chinese side, the government announced that it plans to exempt US agriculture goods from tariffs list and stated that it is going to focus on resolving trade related issues in a deal first and then focus on national security issues in hopes that such an event could provide a breakout in current deadlock scenario while also acting as boost for global economic growth activities. In Brexit front, MPs are pushing for re-opening parliament in a bid to dictate Brexit proceedings while PM Boris Johnson stands firm in his goal for no-deal Brexit on set deadline unless EU agrees to comes to terms with his conditions. The next step moving forward is meeting between Boris and Junker scheduled for Monday which is highly awaited upon for a clue on directional proceedings of events moving forward. 

Trading Perspective: As trading session comes to close for the week, major global currencies are likely to trade positive given weaker USD across north American market hours. However, traders are on lookout for US core retail sales data and Michigan consumer sentiment & expectations/current conditions / inflation expectations data for short term profit opportunities. US stock and index futures trading in the international market saw positive price action ahead of Wall Street opening on healthy investor risk appetite which combined with cues from Asian and European market suggest that US stock market is likely to see positive price action on last trading session of the week. 

EURUSD: The pair is trading positive in the global market on boost gained from ECB stimulus measures and healthy risk appetite which combined with weak USD underpins EURO bulls. Further, positive macro data outcome in EU calendar also supports Euro on its positive price run today. Traders now await US macro data for short term profit opportunities. 

GBPUSD: The pair is trading positive despite high odds of no-deal Brexit as support for Boris Johnson continues to crumble ahead of upcoming meeting with EU Juncker which combined with weak USD provides GBP bulls some level of positive support. Traders now await US macro data for short term profit opportunities. 

USDCAD: The pair is trading positive in the global market despite weaker USD in the broad market. Weaker crude oil price weigh down commodity linked currency Canadian Loonie. But positive development in Sino-U.S. trade talks kept declines in check. Traders now await US macro data for short term profit opportunities. 

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