CTX to Launch First Regulated Exchange Powered by NASDAQ Technology

Cyberdyne Tech Exchange (CTX), a Singapore-based digital exchange has become the first regulated exchange to be powered by NASDAQ technologies, for asset-backed tokens.

The company had recently received a Capital Market Services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and with this license, the exchange would be able to allow accredited investors, institutions and corporations to launch their own digital assets while the exchange would provide settlement and custodial services.

Dr. Bai Bo, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of CTX, said: “We believe security tokens will be the new equity and will drive the next wave of the digital economy. For investors, it paves the way for fractional ownership of hard-to-access investments and for businesses, it offers a new source of funding that is cost-efficient, trackable, and highly liquid.

“CTX will seamlessly connect mainstream financial institutions and accredited investors to innovative green assets on a robust exchange that will operate within the rigorous and progressive regulatory framework that Singapore offers.”

The exchange would focus on tokens for green assets and infrastructure which means that the assets would be broken down into equivalent tokens (just like how company assets are broken down into shares/stocks) and these tokens would then be available for buying/selling/trading on the exchange. This provides an alternative method for companies to raise funds, just like how they would do in the stock markets.

Dr. Bai added: “We are convinced that the future of exchanges is regulated, digital and green, and we want CTX to be the driving force for green financing.”

Apart from the licensing from the MAS, CTX has also been able to integrate NASDAQ’s state-of-the-art trading technology into their platform. The NASDAQ technology suite includes world-class matching engine and surveillance platforms that are used by major exchanges, clearinghouses and regulators in over 50 countries.

This integration is expected to make the platform a top-class one in terms of technology used and is likely to be favoured by HFTs and major investors and traders.

CTX was founded in 2018 and for the listing of assets and their tokens on the exchange, the firms are expected to undergo strict regulatory requirements. MAS is known to be quite tough as far as regulation is concerned and hence, those who want to list their tokens would be expected to follow the guidelines.

CTX aims to be a global hub for green financing and also plans to incorporate carbon disclosures for both issuers and investors as well.