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Coinshares and Finanzen Announce Crypto ETP Platform Partnership

Coinshares, the largest digital asset investment firm in Europe, has announced a partnership with financial and investment news platform,

Finanzen is one of the largest news platforms for German-speaking people and it focuses on financial and investment-related news items. It has over 65 million visits to its website and mobile app and it has recently launched an investment platform zero for its users which will have crypto-backed products among others. Coinshares would be providing all the physically backed crypto products on the platforms and these include exchange-traded products (ETPs).

Frank Spiteri, CoinShares’ Chief Revenue Officer commented, “As Europe’s largest digital investment firm, we are delighted to partner with to deliver German investors and brokers access to the digital asset ecosystem through unique product offerings. After cross-listing CoinShares Physical ETPs on the Boerse Xetra earlier this month, this exclusive partnership is the next step in our continued mission of bridging the gap between institutional and digital asset investors.”

The platform has over 1500 instruments that are available for trading and as of this time, the platform charges zero trading fees. Coinshares manages billions of assets of its client base who are present globally and it would look towards this platform to gain more users and also to introduce its ETP products to the platform’s client base.

Jens Ohr, Managing Director of zero stated, “Having a partner like CoinShares on board is a big win, fitting exactly the needs of our target group and ensuring their participation in a growing market.”

Both the companies are eyeing a growing crypto market and with sophisticated products like ETPs not being available freely in any part of the world as far as digital assets are concerned, the interest in them is likely to be high among major investors. These products are generally looked at very carefully by regulators which is one of the reasons why they have not yet been approved by major regulators like the SEC who are always looking for ways and means to control the flow of funds into such products. The risks associated with digital assets are the first thing that is looked into by the regulators and along with that, the fact that it could be difficult to track and control the flow of the assets is also a matter of serious concern for them.