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CME Group Records Strong Quarterly Growth in its International Volumes

William Knottenbelt, Senior Managing Director and Head of International, CME Group
William Knottenbelt, Senior Managing Director and Head of International, CME Group

Chicago-based derivatives marketplace, CME Group on Sunday has published its quarterly international trade volumes. The international trade volumes include all those transactions happened outside the United States. As per the data released by the exchange, the international markets reported strong year-on-year growth for the second quarter of 2018.

Overall, the average daily volume (ADV) for the international transactions outside the United States during Q2, 2018 was 4.2 million contracts, an increase of 13 per cent for the same interval a year ago.

For the European, Middle Eastern and African markets reported 9 per cent growth year-on-year largely driven by the strong performance in the commodities market. The quarterly ADV came in at close to 3.3 million contracts. In particular, the metal volumes expanded by 38 per cent and agriculture commodities were up by 12 per cent. 

In the Asia Pacific region, the quarterly ADV was recorded at 871,000 contracts, registering a strong growth of 30 per cent from last years corresponding period. In the Asia Pacific region, the growth in the transaction was driven by financial and agriculture suites. Volumes for the Equity Index was recorded 77 per cent higher, Foreign Exchange recorded a growth of 70 per cent and Agricultural and Energy volumes increased 50 and 41 per cent respectively. 

The Latin America’s volumes were also in an upside trend, recording a strong growth of 44 per cent year on year for the second quarter 2018. The quarterly ADV was recorded at 95,000 contracts and all of its product line in Latin America experienced double-digit growth. Interest Rate volumes were up by 73 per cent, Metals increased by 67 per cent and Energy volumes jumped to 46 per cent.

Globally, including the United States, the group averaged 18.4 million contracts per day in the second quarter, an increase of 12 per cent from June 2018 figures. The group’s financial and commodity product suite experienced a high level of growth during the period. Metals recorded 27 per cent growth, Fx witnessed 18 per cent growth, Agriculture was up by 16 per cent, Equities Index and Interest Rate were up by 14 and 12 per cent respectively. 

For the month of June 2018, the group’s ADV was recorded at 17.8 million contracts, an increase of 8 per cent from June 2017. Open Interest in June 2018 was recorded at 115 million contracts, which is a jump of 2 per cent year-on-year and an increase of 6 per cent from the year-end of 2017.

William Knottenbelt, Senior Managing Director and Head of International, CME Group said: 

“With CME Group’s broad array of futures and options products available virtually round the clock, our international customers outside of the US recognize the benefits of trading on a robust, liquid and regulated marketplace like ours.”

“We remain committed to helping our clients with their hedging and trading needs as we seek to further establish ourselves as the exchange of choice globally.”