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Brian Quinif Appointed as VP at HSBC Currency Desk 

Brian QuinifFormer VP of Nomura securities has now moved to HSBC Global Banking and Markets in New York as its FX Vice President. As per reports from financemagnets.com website, Brain joined HSBC earlier this month, but the report failed to mention since when did his tenure at HSBC exactly began. Brian is serving as Vice President of Currency Desk at UK based multinational bank. The move has also been confirmed by Brian given the fact that his LinkedIn profile has also been updated to indicate his current role and tenure at HSBC’s New York office. Brain is an industry veteran with nearly 14 years of experience in the forex industry with a primary focus on Latin American forex currencies.

His LinkedIn profile also stated that aside from his focus on Latin American Forex, he is knowledgeable and specialises in Non-deliverable currencies, FX options, local currency interest rate swaps, Credit derivatives, market making, position taking, portfolio management and Sovereign debt. As per the update from HSBC, is his new role as VP, Brian will be working under and report to Clyde Choi one of the managing directors at HSBC. However, Brain’s move to join HSBC was not from voluntary desire to resign from Nomura given the fact that he was let go earlier this year in April 2019 along with several others from FX trading and sales divisions given Nomura’s move to cut costs worth US$1 billion in its wholesale business

Brian graduated from the University of Georgia with a master’s degree in Economic and bachelors degree in Romance languages back in 2006. He began his career in the financial industry as an intern at Deutsche bank in 2005 well before he graduated from the university. Post graduation, he joined JP Morgan in 2006 post which he spent a better part of the next decade serving the US banking giant as one of its Vice President. After serving the firm for a period of 8 years and 4 months at JP Morgan, he moved on to Nomura Securities where he served for nearly 4 years and 7 months until the firm decided to let him go on cost-cutting activity back in April 2017. 

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