UK Based FXCubic Partners with Tradesocio to Amp up Fintech Offering

TradeAs per a recent announcement made by UK based fintech firm – FXCubic, it has partnered with Singapore based fintech firm TradeSocio to amp up is product offerings and expands its reach in the global market. Tradesocio is a fintech firm founded back in 2015 with branches in Singapore, India and Cyprus.

Tradesocio is known for its disruptive business approach and provides front, middle and back office product solutions to major players in financial services with clients ranging from private investment banks, capital and investment management, hedge funds to brokerage houses. The UK based fintech firm FXCubic is a fintech firm known for its low latency software for liquidity bridging more commonly referred to in the market as liquidity engine. 

Via this new partnership deal, FXCubic has become a member of Tradesocio’s Marketplace initiative which helps the firm join an ecosystem of world-leading fintech, regtech and financial services providers that are helping shape up the financial landscape in the current market. FXCubic’s liquidity engine was developed with an aim to bring opportunities closer to investors and ensure optimal distribution of investments across portfolios. Their main product is a software consisting of two components a liquidity engine which is integrated into their custom made bridge which facilitates firms to better tailor their offerings to meet investor demands. In other words, the FXCubic product solutions and offerings are built around sophisticated aggregation algorithms based on individual provider market depth. What this means to end-user clients it that, it enables brokers to gain technological flexibility required for creating bespoke execution rules and best pricing for their traders which is very good for their business. 

Given Tradesocio’s extensive client base, the partnership which makes it a member of marketplace ecosystem allows the FXCubic to showcase, popularise and market their products to a wider client base from various venues of the financial sector on a multi-national scale. Speaking about this partnership, EgeKozan, CEO of FXCubic commented, “It is a real pleasure to become part of an international network bringing together technology providers and financial organisations such as Tradesocio’s Marketplace. This marks an important step forward for FXCubic, giving us the opportunity to connect and share our expertise with key players in the financial arena”. Speaking on the same topic, Tradesocio’s CEO Wael Salem commented, “We are pleased to welcome a financial technology provider like FXCubic to our network. This partnership brings a new liquidity and aggregation provider to Tradesocio Marketplace, offering financial institutions a richer spectrum of choice among our fintech providers”. 

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