Bitpanda Announces Appointment of Lindsay Ross as CHRO

Bitpanda, one of the largest digital investment platforms in Europe based out of Austria, has announced the appointment of Lindsay Ross as the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

She would be responsible for taking care of all human resources services and systems across all the locations for Bitpanda and would also manage internal communications and office spaces and thus would help the company achieve its short and long-term goals, as per the announcement.

“We were looking to find the right CHRO who believes in our vision, understands hyper-growth, and has the right amount of energy and empathy for a long time. Lindsay combines those attributes and I am happy she is becoming our Chief Human Resources Officer to reinforce our view that it is the strength and depth of our talented team that will drive Bitpanda’s continued success”, said Eric Demuth, Co-Founder, and CEO of Bitpanda and continued: “We have tremendous confidence in Lindsay’s ability to help Bitpanda stand out and to provide valuable strategic contributions to build on the success of our high-performing teams.”

The company has been on a mission to grow and expand across Europe and had also raised an undisclosed amount of investment last year to fuel its expansion. The company currently employs over 500 people across all its locations and it would hope that Linda, with her experience, would be able to take care of their needs and push their productivity. Linda has over a decade of experience working in senior and leadership roles with MessageBord, Adyen, Tommy Hilfiger, and others, and the diverse nature of the companies and the challenges involved should prepare her well for the challenge of guiding the resources at a fast-growing company.

Lindsay Ross, Bitpanda CHRO, commented: “This is a pivotal and exciting moment to be joining Bitpanda and the wider fintech community. I’m already inspired by the extremely talented, diverse, and passionate team members who I’ve had the privilege to meet and can sense an incredible culture driven by purpose, high performance, and innovation. I look forward to growing along with Bitpanda as we enter the next phase of our global expansion and seize the limitless opportunities ahead of us as we democratize the world of investments.”

The company already has operations in France, Spain, Turkey, Italy, and Poland, and the company next plans to expand into other regions by opening offices in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris, and Berlin and the diverse nature of these regions and the resources there would require an experienced person to handle them and Bitpanda would hope that Linda would just be the right person for it.