Bitfinex Calls All Merchants With New Widget: Bitfinex Pay

Bitfinex announced its Bitfinex Pay widget, which allows account holders to make payments in digital tokens to merchants from their digital token trading platform.

Bitfinex Pay is a new means of receiving contactless and borderless digital token payments for merchants and is part of Bitfinex’s commitment to achieving mass adoption in crypto.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex, said: “Almost from crypto’s very inception, Bitfinex has been a pioneer in technical innovation. The launch of Bitfinex Pay shows that when it comes to genuine, real-life use cases for crypto we are an exchange that is about action rather than just words. Now our growing customer base will be able to live more of their life using crypto by paying for their favorite items at outlets that have installed the Bitfinex Pay widget.”

A simple click on the Bitfinex Pay button is what it takes to be directed to the Bitfinex payment gateway. After the payment is made using a cryptocurrency accepted by the merchant, a customer will be redirected back to the merchant’s website.

The value of payments made by each customer using Bitfinex Pay is capped at US$1,000 and any transaction fees incurred on the relevant blockchain will be borne by online merchants and their customers. Bitfinex Pay charges no processing fees.

The crypto exchange has recently launched a Spanish version of the platform to address its growing base of Spanish-speaking customers.

Educational content is also available in Spanish on the platform’s Knowledge Base so its Spanish-speaking users are able to improve their knowledge of crypto and blockchain.

Bitfinex has launched an advanced lending tool designed to automate lending in order to enhance the efficiency of capital allocation on the exchange. Lending Pro utilizes automated technologies and advanced features to manage lending, based on a user’s specifications and market conditions.

Bitfinex has recently launched a social network tailored to meet the needs of crypto traders and provide them with a trading edge. Eligible verified users may use the app to share his or her thoughts on crypto both privately and publicly. Unverified users can only publish private pulses on mobile. Users can follow each other, like, share, and interact within the community instantaneously.