Beeks Launches Cloud Service Optimized for Low-Latency Trading

Beeks Group has launched Proximity Cloud, a fully configured, pre-installed physical trading environment that is optimized for low latency trading conditions.

The new fully-managed and configurable compute, storage, and analytics rack service introduces the ability to run a private cloud infrastructure on-premise.

Supporting Unicast and Multicast datasets, the platform can be deployed on customer sites anywhere in the world. Proximity Cloud has grown out of the knowledge, expertise, and experience of exclusively supporting financial trading companies.

Gordon McArthur, Chief Executive Officer at Beeks Group, said: “We’ve got a long and unique history of delivering on-demand compute in financial services. We know the pain points our customers encounter, and Proximity Cloud is our most comprehensive offering to date. We aim to eliminate some of the risks and a lot of the costs that come with in-house infrastructure solutions and to make it a lot easier to get value to the business.”

When being deployed in a client site, the data remains within the client environment resulting in enhanced security and reduced data sovereignty issues, the firm claimed.

The cloud service comes with built-in physical and virtual compute capacity and racks that can be combined to scale capacity up and down as required. Proximity Cloud also helps solve security risks, opportunity blocks, performance analytics, and local supply chain issues.

“Up until now Beeks has provided a private cloud product with a level of shared network infrastructure hosted in the Beeks’ domain. Although we were having great meetings with banks and the bigger financial institutions who love our message and our agility, we kept bumping our head against the issue of internal controls using shared networks”, McArthur continued.

“The shared infrastructure platform was causing problems with security, data access, and data sovereignty. These may not be so significant in the generic cloud, but they are show-stoppers in the financial sector. Replacing shared infrastructure through a dedicated, client-owned environment was key.”

Its single-user interface has been designed to help customers manage their own capacity from end to end with ease, scaling up and down, or deploying and removing services is effortless.

Alan Samuel, Head of Sales for Beeks Group, commented: “Our other products to date have been prescriptive in terms of location. Our customers have had to engage with Beeks Cloud within our own footprint in our global locations. Proximity Cloud enables us to deliver the product in any location. Our customers don’t have to locate it in LD4 or NY4. They can have it in their own building in London, New York, Singapore or literally anywhere in the world they require it to be.”

Beeks’s monthly subscription model provides clients with a comparatively low OPEX spend, rather than the huge CAPEX investment associated with traditional solution development and implementation contracts.

The product’s core functionality has been tried and tested over the last decade, which can be said that Proximity Cloud is not a new product, but an iteration of all previous commercialized components brought together in a plug-and-play package.