PrimeXM Announces Trading Volumes for July, Continues Strong Performance

PrimeXM, one of the leaders in bridge solutions and other software for trading platforms, has announced the trading volumes for July which shows a performance quite similar to June.

The total traded volume for July 2021 was $1.04 trillion across its 3 data center locations which are pretty similar to its volumes in June but actually represent an increase of just over 10% over the same month of 2020. This is indeed a bit surprising as we would have expected much larger volumes this year when compared to last year. It was around this time last year that the pandemic was at its peak and hence the trade volumes across the globe in various instruments were low as expected. But with the pandemic beginning to fade away in many parts of the world now, we are seeing many brokers and exchanges showing a huge increase in trading volumes. But considering that, the fact that PrimeXM has had only a 10% increase from the trading volumes of last year is surprisingly low.

The average daily volume (ADV) for the month was $47.26 billion with the highest being on 8th July when the company recorded a volume of $66.68 turnovers. The total number of trades, on the other hand, was a total of 30.64 million which is an increase of 4.47% when compared to June of this year. As far as data centers are concerned, the London LD4 data center continues to rule the roost as far as PrimeXM is concerned as it recorded a total volume of $796.11 billion which is way ahead of the Japanese TY3 data center which was back at the second position with a volume of $125.01 billion over July. Again, surprisingly NY4 dropped to the last position with a volume of $118.5 billion.

As far as trading instruments are concerned, gold (XAUUSD) continues to be the most favored of all instruments around the world as a total volume of $271.5 billion, which represents 26.12% of the total volume, was traded during July 2021. This was followed far behind by EURUSD which saw a total of $139 billion being traded and GBPUSD came in a close third with $123.6 billion being traded which is in sync with the rest of the world as in general, these are the instruments that are generally preferred by the traders, both retail and institutions as well.