Banco Best

Banco Best Led End-to-End Fund Transaction Using Blockchain

Banco Best, a Portugal-based financial institution operating in banking, asset management, and trading, has successfully processed live end-to-end fund transactions using blockchain-powered technology together with Credit Suisse Asset Management.

FundsDLTThe project used FundsDLT, a decentralized platform for fund transaction processing, and Banco Best developed the API integration as well as a dedicated app to understand the full impact of the client experience. The innovation reduces the time between the request and the settlement of an order in a substantial way.

The successful cross-border distribution of an investment fund over blockchain proved to be more efficient, scalable, and timely in processing. The new model marks another milestone for transforming fund distribution. Every part of the fund trade process, from delivery of the order to the processing of the trade, was registered on the blockchain.

Carlos Almeida, Director of Investments at Banco Best
Carlos Almeida, Director of Investments at Banco Best

Carlos Almeida, Director of Investments at Banco Best, commented: “This proof of concept is a great achievement and reinforces Banco Best’s commitment to be ahead of the curve. We want to be involved in blockchain technology to work together with all stakeholders in order to adapt and seize new opportunities in our business model, with the ambition to improve the customer experience and to promote financial inclusion.“

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse Fund Services (Luxembourg) SA is one of the first asset servicing providers to process a full end-to-end fund transaction using blockchain, integrated within its core platforms. Claude Metz, Head of Shareholder Services at Credit Suisse Fund Services (Luxembourg) SA, said:

“Integration with FundsDLT was very efficient and straight-forward. Blockchain technology in connection with potential mutualized KYC (know your client) servicing will be a game changer for the investment funds business. This initiative benefits investors, distributors and transfer agents greatly from an operational efficiency standpoint, and we are only at the beginning of this most promising journey.”

Pascal Nägeli, Chief Digital Officer at Credit Suisse Asset Management, said: “We continuously seek to improve performance for our clients. As part of our digitalization journey, we consider blockchain technology as a great lever to increase efficiency. With the successful completion of real, live transactions, we were able to prove that considerable benefits can be achieved with distributed ledger technology for both clients and asset managers.”

FundsquareOlivier Portenseigne, Chief Commercial Officer of Fundsquare, added: “Our goal is to collaborate with major players from the fund industry so as to capitalize on the benefits that blockchain technology brings. We are delighted to see a Portuguese innovative bank linking with Credit Suisse Asset Management and test our platform to explore the value that this new infrastructure can deliver. FundsDLT is an international initiative that streamlines a number of activities within the fund distribution value chain, and as a consequence, will reduce costs for the benefits of investors across fund and investor domiciles.”