B2Brokers Launches Investment Tools for Fx brokers in MT5 App Store

Artur Azizov, Chief Executive Officer of B2Broker
Artur Azizov, Chief Executive Officer of B2Broker

Moscow-headquartered B2Broker, Fx and Crypto liquidity technology provider has released its investment platform for Meta Trader 5, which is now available in MT5 app store. 

According to Forex software developer Metac, the new investment platform is an automated platform service that will enable financial institutes to increase their income. The platform will enable financial institutes to launch an investment product in just a week and also starts to attract new clients. 

The B2Broker’s investment platform offers three types of accounts, PAMM, Social Trading and MAM.

PAMM. In this model, all investment accounts are combined into one big pool. The money manager trades in one big account and all investors receive profits and losses in proportion to their investments. This model is suitable for HFT traders, investment funds and professional traders

Social Trading. Investors copy deals of a selected money manager to their own accounts and can close them at their will. Also, investors can perform their own trading operations on such accounts. Social trading is the best way forward for amateurs and beginners, in learning how to trade, based on the experience of professional traders.

MAM. It is the most popular account type in countries with strict regulation. This product is suitable for professional money managers who wish to have flexibility in managing investors’ accounts. MAM is a copier based solution: investors’ accounts are not combined into one big trading account but are maintained as stand-alone elements. Investors are not able to trade on investment accounts as they operate in the read-only mode.

MetaTrader 5The B2Broker’s 3 in 1 system runs via API, all copying operations are performed on the application side and don’t get loaded to the MT5 trade server. The high execution speeds allow copying 5,000 orders in less than a second. Also, as B2Brokers is a service provider, it does not have access to sensitive data as the system is hosted on the client’s side.

Mr. Artur Azizov, CEO of B2Broker, commented:

When many providers offer similar products, it can be very hard to differentiate. The launch of our PAMM/MAM service can help brokerage companies make their offer outstanding, both for money managers and investors. In just one week, any MetaTrader 5 broker can launch our investment platform, which includes web-interfaces with a widget and a leader board of money managers. The price includes a one-time setup fee of $2,000, along with a monthly charge starting at $2,000/month, having a cap at $7,000/month