Axi Deploys KX Insights’ Streaming Analytics for Retail and Institutional FX Traders

Axi has signed a global enterprise deal for KX Insights’s real-time streaming analytics platform in a move to enhance its retail and institutional forex brokerage.

KX Insights enables the capture, analysis, and visualization of large datasets in real-time including market data quotes, customer trades, and derived calculations in the cloud.

The solution will run on Azure, Axi’s chosen cloud platform, but it works seamlessly with existing cloud native services. It is built on kdb+, a leading time-series database, and it can be configured easily.

Deploying KX’s solution is expected to help Axi in its growth plans as the fx broker will leverage the business intelligence reports and analytics to strengthen its trading, operations, and risk management teams.

The Insights solution can also help enhance trade execution and risk management capabilities while supporting the development of new products and services.

Axi and KX have first partnered in 2015 for the streaming analytics platform to generate key reports on real-time positions, perform risk analysis, and provide insights for the trading desks.

The relationship will now go deeper as KX Insights may provide the scale and speed needed to deliver efficient and time sensitive data processing.

Andy Churchill, Senior Vice President ANZ at KX said: “KX Insights offers industry-leading performance, speed and agility for data-driven business-critical decisions in a cloud-native architecture. With a robust, innovative product road map and scalable license model, it’s the ideal solution for a company such as Axi that aims to accelerate growth by leveraging the power of real-time data analytics and visualisations for actionable insights.”

Simon Turner, Chief Information Officer at Axi commented: “We’re expanding as a business, intently focusing on how we can provide Edge to our clients by launching new products, features and services. We were reaching the limit on our previous KX environment so the opportunity to move to KX Insights, a cloud-native version, that will give us all the efficiency and cost benefits of the cloud while being totally scalable to our business is highly attractive.”

The FX broker has recently launched a new MAM/PAMM platform. The “most advanced Forex Managed Accounts Services platform” was designed and engineered in collaboration with Singapore-based specialist FYNXT.

The new platform for MAM and PAMM accounts has enhanced administration and automation with pre-built templates and selectable fee structures, and agreements.

Fee management is highly flexible to ensure that fees are precisely aligned with the customer’s needs. These can be based on performance, management, subscription, upfront, penalty or a combination.

The platform features transparency of accounting entries and associated reporting, including auto calculation and settlement of fees.

Last but not least is the precision in asset allocation: the platform removes the dependency of MT4/5 accounts for the Investors and protects the Fund Managers strategy being copied illegally by the investors.