Paysafe Partners with Bitrise to power Faster Mobile App Upgrades and Releases

Paysafe, one of the largest and oldest digital payment companies in the world, has announced a partnership with the mobile DevOps company Bitrise which it believes would help it tp push for mobile app upgrades in a faster manner.

The main need for being able to push upgrades into the Playstore in a faster manner is because the user requirements keep changing over time, especially in the payments and betting industry. It can be safely said that users would prefer apps that give them faster, smoother and reliable payments and they would not think too much before choosing such a platform, even if it means changing from their existing platform. This kind of user behaviour leads to a situation where the payments company has to keep pushing new upgrades into the mobile apps in a regular manner and the process of releasing into the Playstore and getting each upgrade approved usually takes quite a long time.

Paysafe hopes that this partnership would help it to eliminate the need for manual troubleshooting and understand more quickly how new pieces of code affect live apps and also understand and tweak the user experience before getting it released into the stores. Paysafe can now automatically run several security tests and checks at a faster rate, which frees up developers’ time to focus on driving innovation and efficiency for its consumers.

“Moving fast is the only way to succeed in iGaming. And with mobile payments accounting for nearly $132 billion of all digital payments over the last year, the payments part  of the mobile process is a very expensive place to be slow,” said Barnabas Birmacher, CEO of Bitrise. “Paysafe continues to be a leader in mobile and iGaming because it has committed to automating every process possible and reserving its talent for innovation. We’re honoured that they have partnered with us to do that.”

The payments industry has been growing in a very fast manner over the past year and it is important for the companies to keep abreast of user behaviour changes and also ensure that they stay ahead of the curve as more and more companies, new and old, pile in into this space along with a raft of investors as well which could crowd up the space pretty quickly.