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Australian Broker TMGM Announces Algo Trading

ASIC-regulated broker TMGM has announced an exclusive partnership with Trade View in order to make the X platform and Trade View workshops available to its clients, as well as monthly webinars.

The CFD trading company has partnered with the algorithmic trading firm Trade View Investments for its wealth of high-value content and optimal trading tools. The deal will improve TMGM’s efforts in providing a unique trading offering to retail forex traders.

Trade View’s proprietary trading platform focused on algorithmic trading will soon be available for TMGM clients. It gives traders the ability to build and “test” trading strategies without the need for coding skills.

TMGM clients will also gain access to free monthly educational webinars that span a variety of hot topics and provide top industry insights. The first of which will feature Tennis Star Alexander Zverez, who is currently ranked #7 in the world.

Lee Yu, Chief Executive Officer of TMGM, said: “Every move we make is decided with our clients top of mind, always. This partnership presented a great opportunity to give our clients even more benefits, and aid in the success of their trading journey. It was a partnership we knew we had to make happen.”

Robert Bubalovski, Founder of Trade View, commented: “As an automated trading firm, we’re big fans of TMGM’s lightning speed execution which enables traders to get in and out of trades when it’s most needed – It’s the perfect environment for automated trading”. “We are excited for traders to start using Trade View X through TMGM, where they can use the platform to its full potential”. If you’re not trading with Trade View X through TMGM, you’re trading against someone who is.”

TMGM offers more than 15,000 trading products from 7 asset classes. The retail broker is authorized by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Founded in 2013 as Trademax, the firm then set up TradeMax Equities with an extended ASIC license to deal in a suite of exchange tradeable products such as bonds, stocks, and DMA services.

The rebranding to TMGM took place in 2018 and the firm opened offices in Melbourne, Adelaide, and the Philippines.