Ashley Jessen

ACY Securities Moves Head of Marketing Ashley Jessen to COO

ACY Securities, the leading Australian CFD broker, has announced the appointment of Ashley Jessen as Chief Operating Officer in a role based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The trading firm chose to hire from within by promoting Jessen, who joined the company in 2019 as Head of Marketing. During his year and a half at ACY Securities, he was responsible for the digital marketing strategy, campaigns, marketing budgeting and spending, creating and executing the content marketing and SEO strategy, and social media strategy.

Jessen joined the CFD broker after building quite a resume in the trading industry, first coaching traders and then managing sales at CMC Markets. His passion to educate traders led him to create a web portal, Learn CFDs, and write several trading books, including CFDs Made Simple. He perfected his marketing skills as the years went by, as Director of London Capital Group-owned Capital CFD and then as Director of Communications and Marketing at Invast Financial Services. In 2015, Ashley Jessen co-founded the digital marketing firm specialized in the trading industry, ProfileBooster. The industry recognition of his marketing talent led him to join ACY Securities in 2019.

The Australia-based multi-regulated ECN forex broker has made an effort throughout the years to ensure a quality service for its customers. The recognition came in 2020 as the magazine Technology Era made the unanimous call to acknowledge ACY Securities as the country’s best multi-asset broker that year.

Shortly before the award, the CFD broker had announced the launch of a new product platform labeled “MT5 Xchange” to facilitate trading in hundreds of stocks using Metatrader 5. The available listing was picked from the leading exchanges NYSE, NASDAQ, and Australian Stock Exchange. With a leverage option of up to 1:25 on share CFD’s, the platform also contains assets from FX, Oil and Metal categories. The MT5 Xchange provides the ability to hedge positions and access more advanced ordering options.