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Advanced Markets Deploys Autochartist Tools for Customer Acquisition, Retention

Autochartist Tools Leading wholesale liquidity provider, Advanced Markets Group, has partnered with Autochartist to increase customer acquisition, trading activity and retention for customers by using a number of

broker-centric products provided by Autochartist.

Autochartist has recently changed its business model by expanding from a client-facing perspective to a wider vision which includes tools that integrate, and improve, brokers’ sales automation and retention processes.

As Advanced Markets provides price liquidity, trade execution and technology solutions to banks, hedge funds, commodity trading advisors, corporations and other institutional market participants,
the partnership may come fruitful.

Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales at Advanced Markets Group, commented: “We are pleased to officially partner with Autochartist. It’s one of the industry’s most reputable chart pattern recognition and analysis software companies, with a suite of products that enables traders, worldwide, to take advantage of market opportunities. Via this partnership, our clients and partners will be able to tap into the full potential that Autochartist’s toolset has to offer.”.

Ilan Azbel, Chief Executive Officer at Autochartist, said: “The landscape for liquidity providers is quickly changing and I am delighted to partner with a company that’s adapting to this new environment. It shows forward-thinking and innovation.”

Autochartist leverages big data and proprietary technology to help stock, futures and currency brokers to drive lead generation, engage existing customers, retain struggling traders and reduce content production costs. The firm has recently partnered with Spotware Systems, the fintech expert behind renowned retail FX trading platform cTrader, to integrate Autochartist Market Analysis on cTrader for brokers who are subscribed to Autochartist services.

Last year, Autochartist acquired Delkos Research, a company involved in providing forecasts and content for forex and futures brokers based on global macroeconomic events. Prior to that, the firm acquired VerifyMyTrade, a retail fx trade verification platform. Also in 2018, Leverate integrated Autochartist tools into its Activ8 trading platform which gives Autochartist default access to Leverate’s portfolio of brokers who will be using the company’s tools.

Earlier this year, Advanced Markets signed up with liquidity comparison platform, LiquidityFinder. The platform enables institutions to compare liquidity offering of the different liquidity provider and select one according to the business requirements. In late 2018, Advanced Markets signed Standard Chartered Bank as a foreign exchange prime broker for its Direct Market Access (DMA/STP) liquidity infrastructure.