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Advanced Markets Joins Liquidity Comparison Platform LiquidityFinder

Advanced Markets
Advanced Markets

Advanced Markets, the wholesale liquidity, and technology provider has signed up with liquidity comparison platform, LiquidityFinder. The platform enables institutions to compare liquidity offering of the different liquidity provider and select one according to the business requirements.

Advanced Market’s STP platform offers FX market participants mostly the institutions to trade on prices streamed by over 10 FX banks in anonymous and transparent market structure. Through LiquidityFinder, Advanced Markets will now compete with other liquidity providers, those who are registered in the platform in the forex, CFDs, and the cryptocurrency markets and other OTC sectors.

LiquidityFinder is an FCA regulated search tool that provides information and matching service and helps brokers and institutional players to effectively choose liquidity partner, as per the business requirement, thus simplifying the old process. Further, Advanced Markets validates the service as a one-stop venue for comparing and directly contacting liquidity providers. 

Commenting on the news, LiquidityFinder founder Sam Low said:

“Advanced Markets Group (AMG) is one of the very first companies in what is now called the ‘Prime of Prime’ space, having been offering true Agency eFX liquidity since 2006. The deep experience the company has gained in this time is shared with the broader market through its extensive range of educational materials, articles, blogs, and YouTube videos. All this content will be consolidated on their page on LiquidityFinder (as it is already on their own site), further enhancing the site’s educational value.”

Natallia Hunik, Global Head of Sales at Advanced Markets Group, added:

“We are pleased to be joining the LiquidityFinder portal, as this is the first directory of its kind that features players from B2B space. The FX Market is dynamic and complex, with a significant gap between the institutional and retail spaces that is not bridged. This gap has widened even further post credit-tightening. There is a lot of liquidity recycling going on, which doesn’t add value and introduces inefficiencies into the marketplace.”

Other liquidity providers which feature in LiquidityFinder are Sucden Financial, LMAX Digital, CMC Markets, FXCM Pro, FXCM Omnibus and IS Prime.