London Based Sucden Financial Joins FCA-Regulated LiquidityFinder’s Interactive Website


Sucden Financials, the UK-based leading institutional FX and commodities brokers has signed a partnership with, the FCA-regulated search tool that helps brokers to find best-suited liquidity providers and technology partners.

Through regulated service, it helps traders, those who are for liquidity to better understand what services are provided by which companies, thus removing the guesswork when looking for liquidity partners. By joining LiquidityFinder, market participants can also compare the services of Sucden Financials to those with other liquidity providers in forex, CFDs and the crypto market. LiquidityFinder helps to create a level playing field for all brokers that are listed in the platform and also encourage institutional traders to explore all opportunities available.

This collaboration also marks the Sucden’s expansion plans which include strengthening its institutional and B2B services. Commenting on the news, co-Head of eFX at Sucden Financial, Peter Brooks said:

“We are delighted to highlight our leading FX solutions and non-bank FX liquidity service. The LiquidityFinder website provides a convenient tool to benchmark our offering with the rest of the market.”

Commenting on the news, LiquidityFinder founder Sam Low said:

“Listing on LiquidityFinder allows Sucden to be included in the market research and due diligence process for any company looking to start up, add or change liquidity providers. Users of the site can now include them in any RFI/RFP message sent out directly to multiple LPs from the comparison pages, with just a few clicks.”

Sucden Financial is a part of Sucres & Denrées, which has a presence in over 30 countries worldwide. Sucden currently offers OTC traded financial and commodity futures and options, equities and forex. With this, it joins the growing list of liquidity providers that are searchable and contactable in It currently hosts LMAX Digital, CMC Markets, Quantic Prime, FXCM Pro, FXCM Omnibus and IS Prime. Last month, Sydney-based Prime broker, Global Prime Pty Ltd joined