Z.COM Partners with Finatext to Launch a New Fx and Cryptocurrency Trading Application

Z.COM TradeGMO Internet Group, the Japanese retail Fx giant further strengthened its International and UK presence through its UK subsidiary Z.COM with the launch of new Fx and cryptocurrency trading application called Pipster. The new trading application is being launched in partnership with Finatext UK Limited, a branch of Tokyo based fintech firm Finatext Ltd. that specializes in financial education apps, customized big data solutions and brokerage solutions under Smartplus

The partnership is a strategic move to disrupt the traditional forex trading ecosystem in the global space. The trading application (Pipster) is designed to provide simplified, a smarter trading platform to the new generation of investors and trader who like to focus on both forex and cryptocurrencies. 

CEO of Z.com Trade, Masahiro Funada said: “I believe that this collaborative initiative, with a reputable Fintech firm such as Finatext, is a stepping stone that will enable us to extend our trading services to a wider audience.”

Rob Brockington, CEO of Finatext UK
Rob Brockington, CEO of Finatext UK

Rob Brockington, CEO of Finatext UK said: “With Z.com Trade’s capacity to provide the best trading technology for retail FX traders, the Pipster app will be able to provide a simplified and smarter trading experience that we believe is essential to engage a new generation of traders.”

The new application can leverage the GMO’s strong global client base and offices in the key cities around the world in London, Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong to aggressively push for growth and build a strong client base.