XTB Launches Marketing Campaign with Jose Mourinho

XTB, a large broker with multiple entities some of which are publicly listed and some that are regulated by FCA, CySEC, and others, has announced the launch of its new campaign featuring the soccer coach Jose Mourinho.

XTB had already been associated with Jose Mourinho for a year and this is the second year of its association with Jose. The campaign is reported to be focussing on its new zero commission real stock trading feature that has been around for some time now but is receiving attention only now not only at XTB but in many other platforms like Robinhood as well. Zero commission trading for stocks has started to become the norm all over the world with companies like Robinhood using it as a marketing tool for a few years now as they make their revenue by pushing the order flow to other companies for which they are under scrutiny by the SEC but it seems to be a very workable revenue generation model for now for broking companies. So, other companies have also joined the bandwagon after seeing the success that Robinhood has achieved using this model over the years.

“We’re excited to launch our latest campaign with brand ambassador José Mourinho. XTB Group’s zero commission real stocks offer has been a key driver behind our active account growth in the past year. Our zero commission offer has seen huge demand across our European branches and so it’s key that we maintain this well-received message to our target audience. As such, we look forward to our current clients and prospective investors seeing the latest campaign.” said Joshua Raymond, director of XTB Limited, a subsidiary of the XTB Group.

The XTB offer is for clients in the EU who can trade stocks on the platform which is commission-free for up to a value of 100,000 Euros in a month.  This campaign would be focused on increasing the awareness of the commission-free product as it would also help to promote real stock trading which is one of its products that has been gaining a lot of traction recently in EU. The platform has been expanding its reach all over parts of Europe, Asia, and Latin America. This year, XTB has got the license to operate in UAE and South Africa and with this, the company would be looking forward to gaining more clients and transaction volumes in this region.