Vantage FX Eyes Expansion in Central Asia as it Appoints new Kazakhstan Country Manager

Vantage FX, a large multi-asset trading platform, has announced the appointment of Anton Tsoy as the country manager for Kazakhstan as it looks for expansion and growth in Central Asia which it expects to be the next frontier for trading.

The company was established in 2009 and has been eyeing growth in Asia which is where the bulk of its market is. As the markets in Europe and the US get more saturated and difficult to work with, due to the proliferation of many such platforms and clamp down from regulators, many of the platforms are looking to grow into new markets like Latin America but Vantage FX seems to have chosen a different path and has been finding regions within Asia which have been underserved for a long time. Central Asia is one such region where the trading services offered in countries like Kazhakstan have been pretty less and the trading community has been served and this presents a lot of opportunities for the trading platform to grow.

Anton Tsoy, Country Manager for Kazakhstan at Vantage FX, commented: “Since I entered the space in 2011, I’ve had dreams of establishing a new, customer-centric style of brokerage in Kazakhstan. Vantage FX first got my attention for its impressive footprint of global licenses and notable award wins, but what drew me in was how aligned its approach was with my vision. Unlike most brokers in the region, Vantage offers a fully transparent system of interaction with clients. I’m excited to hit the ground running with Vantage and anticipate exponential growth of our local client base over the next couple of years.”

Anton comes in with the experience of over 10 years in brokerages and would be expected to build up the userbase for Vantage FX in Kazhakstan from the ground up and adopt the various features and products of the platform to suit the needs of the users in the region.

Jun Chan, Head of Business Development (Central Asia) at Vantage FX, adds: “The Kazakhstani market is attractive for Vantage FX. Our experience in emerging markets means we can often spot the potential for growth where others don’t. Kazakhstan is the first step for us to enter the Central Asia market. The team will cover the business development in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and more. In Kazakhstan, the relatively low level of current investment in the local FX market, coupled with high savings among residents, has produced a promising pool of potential clients. Tsoy was the perfect choice to help us open a dialogue with them on the ground. His excitement to see Kazakhstan’s FX market grow to its fullest potential and commitment to a straightforward, customer-first approach exactly matches our own.”

It is expected that the platform would be looking to expand into other regions in Central Asia that has been underserved over the last many years and being the first entrant into this trading space in the region would help it to leverage the market in a big way in the future.