TraditionDATA Partners with Numerix to Enhance FX Market Data Packages

NumerixThe data will be available on Tradition’s in-house market data distribution platform INTEGRATE, Bloomberg’s Market Data Feed (B-PIPE) and via a selection of Numerix applications/products.

TraditionDATA has partnered with Numerix, a leading provider of technology solutions and real-time intelligence capabilities for trading and risk management, to strengthen the quality, depth and
breadth of its foreign exchange (FX) market data packages.

The data vendor is now leveraging its deep analytics expertise and creating derived data for more than 130 volatility surfaces across 130+ currency pairs with industry-standard “cut” times ranging from one week to 30Y, and volatility points including at the money (ATM), 5D, 10D, 15D, 25D and 35D in risk reversals and butterflies.

Scott Fitzpatrick, Global Head of TraditionDATA, commented: “We are always looking to increase our product range and improve the quality and quantity of the data we provide to clients. Numerix was the ideal partner for this initiative; they have cutting-edge technology and analytics capabilities and are recognized and renowned across the industry for their advanced modelling and coverage of OTC derivatives, including the most complex exotic products. This partnership gives our clients access to accurate and comprehensive coverage of the FX spot and derivatives markets globally.”

Steve O’Hanlon, CEO of Numerix, said: “We are proud to be the analytics partner to help TraditionDATA provide the data needed to support its clients. Its flexible model is shaking up the status quo in terms of data consumption and avoids the complex process of unbundling, analyzing and extracting valuable data points. To build on this, it’s been our focus to ensure the volatility
surfaces we provide meet the market need and the service is operationally robust. We look forward to building on our collaboration with TraditionDATA going forward.”

Tradition offers data coverage – featuring intra-day pricing, granular historic data derived volatility surfaces and end-of-day data – in a wide range of FX products, including spot data from the ParFX trading platform, forwards, swaps and NDF data from Tradition’s global broking business and options data from the Volbroker trading platform.

The data business of the leading FX options brokerage has found increased demand driven by regulatory changes and a greater focus on data sourced from electronic trading platforms and independent venues.