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Tools for Brokers Enhances Quote Aggregation and Trading Execution

Tools For Brokers - Trading Execution Tools for Brokers has enhanced the Trade Processor system with the ability to aggregate quote feeds and trading execution in the liquidity pool based on which has the best current price and then dispense them at that price, proportional to spread in volume.

The new system, Trade Processor 3.0, includes a set of rules which allow brokers to minimize volumes on different liquidity providers and mutually close their opposite positions, reducing the risks and saving on swaps. Furthermore, the system allows brokers to execute huge volume orders, distributing them by parts between different liquidity providers to ensure the full requested volume is executed at the top of the book with the best available price on the market.

The system is integrated with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, and provides a multi-part modular system, combining a risk-free liquidity bridge and a market-making order pool, that addresses the needs of any brokerage business. Trade Processor 3.0 allows brokers to bridge trading to multiple industry providers, collect and analyze data from multiple servers via a simple web UI, and better manage risks.

Albina Zhdanova, Chief Operating Officer at Tools For Brokers, commented: “Liquidity bridges have long played a critical role in reducing risks for brokerages using MT4 or MT5. With a range of advanced features designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness – from aggregation and consolidation to improved analytics and reporting – Trade Processor 3.0 takes the system to a new level. The flexibility, agility and control it offers mean brokers can operate in a way that best suits them, enabling them to deliver a valuable and innovative service to their clients, enjoying a robust and reliable connection to
a wide range of liquidity providers.”

In September, the firm launched Terminal Cost Overview as part of its suite of solutions for currency traders. The solution connects to the MetaTrader 4 server through the MT4 Manager API, provides traders with a full picture of their costs for spread, commissions, and swaps before they make a trade. The solution pulls in current trade and account data for up to 25,000 separate accounts, and displays it in a clear, easy-to-understand dashboard on the client-server, refreshing the data every 60 seconds.

Most recently, Tools for Brokers announced the promotion of two of its executives to senior-level leadership roles: Baiana Kashaeva as Regional Operational Director at and Ivan Egorov as Head of Sales.