Tokenise Stock Exchange Launches Registration For Investors For its New Website

Tokenise Stock Exchange
Tokenise Stock Exchange Launches Registration

Tokenise Stock Exchange, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tokenise International headquartered in the UK, has revealed the launch of a new registration website in its latest announcement. According to a statement from the firm, this website allows investors to register for participating and trading in an upcoming platform from the firm, which has been dedicated to digital securities.

The Tokenise Stock Exchange is licensed in Barbados while the parent firm is a registered and regulated entity in FCA. The Tokenise Stock Exchange is a trading name of Daxnet BB (Barbados) Limited and is a registered self-regulating organisation established in accordance with Barbados Securities Act Chapter 313A with certificate number 137SX.

As one of the first international stock exchanges, which remains fully dedicated to digital securities and operates on a global scale, the exchange aims to be a leading authority and beacon for the next generation of capital markets. This would be achieved by establishing a new benchmark for digital assets by utilising blockchain technology

The newly launched website will allow users who register now to gain access to high-quality investment opportunities while also providing companies with an innovative, accelerated, and cost-effective way of fundraising. While it has now opened its doors to investor base from across the world, it has already been catering innovative capital market solutions to SME’s and asset owners for quite a while now.

The firm primarily allows tokenisation of securities and other assets, which are then listed as tradable assets on its stock exchange backed by shares, bonds, and royalties, thereby transforming their access to capital markets while enhancing their ability to manage financial future.

Tokenisation provides an individual/organisation with an opportunity for greater financial inclusion and fund rising by converting their securities/assets with transparency and auditability involving a streamlined process of procedures facilitated by utilizing blockchain technology.  This process helps remove inefficiencies, friction, cross border barriers, which normally come along in traditional financial markets. 

To ensure smooth service and operation across both primary and secondary marketplace, the exchange claims that it will offer a full-service suite platform that handles issuances and listing of digital securities via its own proprietary network of listing sponsors and licensed brokers.

Using this platform, companies gain the capability to raise funds using a wide range of asset types such as digital securities, funds, bonds, private equities, and innovative solutions such as fractional ownership & Royalties. For more details on these asset types, please visit

The exchange is currently working on merging the highest standards of regulatory compliance with the latest technology solutions in order to deliver its clients with maximum benefits of tokenisation be it an investor or an issuer on its platform.

Speaking on the topic, Martin Graham – Chairman of Tokenise Group said, “Tokenisation of securities and other real-world assets will transform the accessibility and efficiency of capital markets. Removing inefficiencies, friction, and barriers to participation will democratise the process of matching providers and consumers of risk capital. This, in turn, will increase the flow of funds and investment opportunities for market participants”. 

Investors who register for joining the community now will be notified to complete their registration for becoming verified investors on their platform as soon as the exchange begins its whitelisting process. For companies that wish to be listed on this exchange, they can contact the exchange directly via email at [email protected]hange.  

More information on the process can be found at its website: