Tiger Broker Partners with SingCapital and PropNex for Improved Financial Planning

Tiger Broker, a stockbroker based out of Singapore that has grown quickly over the last couple of years, has announced a partnership with SingCapital, a leading financial advisory firm, and PropNex Realty, one of the largest real estate agents in Singapore.

The partnership with SingCapital is expected to help the financial firm by providing access to highly advanced technical and analytical tools which would help with its capital management advisory. These tools are also expected to help advisors manage their client account seamlessly and securely. Tiger Broker is the owner of the Tiger Trade platform which has been growing in popularity in the South East Asian region over the last couple of years.

“We believe that partnerships like this will help our partners’ community to make informed financial decisions. We are confident that our technologically advanced system, puts us in a good position to partner with financial institutions to enable them to better manage relationships and investments with their clients,” said Mr. Henry Toh, Chief Financial Officer of Tiger Brokers.

The Tiger Trade platform helps the users in Singapore to gain access to over 6 major exchanges all around the world where they would be able to trade most of the instruments available at that exchange. It includes the NYSE and NASDAQ in the US as well as exchanges in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The platform has a majority of Global Chinese investors and traders and boasts of very high trading volumes from this set of clients.

According to Mr. Alfred Chia, Chief Executive Officer of SingCapital, the partnership marks the first chapter of a long-term business relationship. “We chose Tiger Brokers as our preferred wealth management platform partner to provide more investment opportunities to our clients and better prepare Singaporeans when it comes to making wise investments. Additional to property investments, PropNex Community will also learn about the essential investment knowledge to manage their wealth profitably over the long run. This partnership is in line with our vision to provide quality financial services and solutions for individuals and corporations.”

The companies in the partnership would hope to lean on each others’ strengths and build their user base in the coming months by offering a variety of new products and features to their respective customers.