thinkorswim: Mobile Trading Beats Desktop in 2021

TD Ameritrade has announced the enhancement of its thinkorswim product suite after a year where mobile trading for the first time surpassed trading on desktop devices.

The upgrade will offer a more personal, mobile-friendly experience, featuring new and better user interfaces to address the needs and wants of retail investors.

The announcement follows recent plans from Charles Schwab to adopt TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim and integrate its trading platforms, education, and tools into its trader offerings for clients.

Charles Schwab closed its $22 billion acquisition of TD Ameritrade in November 2021 and the latter’s retail FX business rebranded as the company streamlines operations.

As integration with Charles Schwab progresses, enhancements to the trading platform offer a more personal, mobile-friendly experience than ever before

Mobile beats Desktop in 2021

2021 saw a flood of new entrants and unique trends that have had a significant impact on the retail trading landscape.

JJ Kinahan, chief market strategist, TD Ameritrade, commented: “Among the many things that made 2021 unique from a trading perspective is the fact that we’ve reached the mobile-first tipping point. We have always put a strong emphasis on our mobile capabilities, iterating and enhancing our offerings to deliver the full-featured but intuitive experience our trader clients have come to expect, regardless of the device they’re using. This year in particular, with so many novice traders engaging in the markets for the first time, it has also been critical to incorporate enhanced education about the strategies that may help them pursue their goals.”

“Looking ahead to the new year and as our integration with Charles Schwab moves forward, we’ll continue to invest in the momentum of the thinkorswim platforms. We remain fully committed to providing a best-in-class trading experience, now and in the future”, Kinahan added.

thinkorswim enhancements

TD Ameritrade has shared the highlights of the enhancements, which include more than 20 new charting strategies, studies and drawing tools for the thinkorswim Desktop as well as a personalized news interface, news keyword search, and social activity watchlist.

As to the thinkorswim Mobile, the broker introduced the New Trader-driven account overview for more customization, redesigned core tools for easier onboarding, interactive in-app help, a new chat interface, and support for Apple® M1™ chip.

thinkorswim Web has been upgraded with a dedicated charts tab, eight new chart studies plus five new drawing tools, dozens of new pre-built watchlists, contingent orders, order rules and trailing stops, transaction history, and a personalized education experience.