TFEX to Continue Upbeat Growth After Achieving 2018 Record Highs


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TFEX to Continue Upbeat Growth After Achieving 2018 Record Highs

May 1, 2019

SET LogoBANGKOK, April 23, 2019 – TFEX records another best year of upbeat growth in 2018 and moves forward to its 14th year of operation aiming to enhance and innovate products and services to serve its participants.

Rinjai Chakornpipat, Managing Director of Thailand Futures Exchange PCL (TFEX), said that since its inauguration in 2006, TFEX has grown continuously in terms of trading volume and number of participants. Specially, during these 13 years, on average market trading volume has increased at around 57 percent per annum. Currently, TFEX offers 10 products across a diverse range of asset classes covering financial, precious metal, and agricultural products.

In 2018, TFEX’s trading volume reached 104 million contracts with the average daily trading volume of 426,213 contracts with open interest of 2,440,223 contracts at the end of the year, while trading accounts rose to 168,506. Based on Futures Industry Association (FIA)’s statistics, TFEX was ranked 26th among the world derivatives exchanges in 2018.

For this year, TFEX will focus on developing products and services to keep pace with investor demands, as well as boosting trading liquidity. TFEX plans to add about 20 underlying stocks for its individual equity futures. Later this year, it also plans to enhance the delivery services of USD Futures and RSS3D Futures and Gold-D. A feasibility study to extend the trading hours of its Gold Futures has also been undertaken, added Rinjai.

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