Swissquote Shareholders Vote in Favor of All Motions at AGM 2020

SwissquoteSwissquote - AGM , a leading multinational online banking and financial service provider revealed the proceedings of its Annual General Meeting – AGM for 2020 in its latest update. The Annual General Meeting – AGM  of Swissquote Group Holding Ltd, was held in its headquarters located in Gland (VD) but the meeting was void of personal participation of shareholders owing to complainace of Federal Council’s Ordinance 2 on measures to combat against covid-19 pandemic. In place of absent shareholders, the meeting saw participation of an independent proxy who represented them and held together a share capital valued at 89.56% with rights to vote and approve on various proceedings dicussed in the meeting. One of the major motion approved was distribution of ordinary dividend of CHF 1 per share which is expected to be paid from 11th May, 2020.

The meeting also saw appointment of board members in which all of its current members were re-elected for another term in thier roles. The members who currently make up the board of directors are

  • Markus Dennler – Chairman
  • Monica Dell’Anna
  • Martin Naville
  • Beat Oberlin
  • Jean- Christophe Pernollet

Beat Oberline and Monica Dell’Anna hace also been re-elected as members of the group’s renumeration committee. The shareholders have also approved the aggregate agenda on maximum compensation for both the members of Board of Directors for the period of 2020-2021 and for executive committee for said duration (financial year) alongside the statutory provisions which extends the authorised capital for two more years.

Speaking on this occasion, Markus Dennler – Chairman of the Board said “ Swissquote delivered a strong performance in 2019 and can count on solid equity and liquidity to weather the covid-19 crisis. The organisation adapted rapidly in order to protect our employees, customers and other stakeholders. We thank the Swissquote team for their commitment and dedication to ensure the continutity and quality of our services. For more details on final result of this AGM, please visit à

About The Firm:

Swissquote, is  a leading provider of online financial services and is renowned as a leader is swiss banking industry. The group offers innovative solutions and analysis to cater to wide range od demands and requirements put forth by its clients. Some of its popular services include – online trading serivces with user friendly platform for eForex, ePrivate Banking and eMortgage. It provides both low cost service for private clients as well as specialised services for independent asset managers and corporate clients. The group’s bank holds a banking license for Switzerland’s regulatory body FINMA and is a member of Swiss Bankers Association.