AlphaPoint Appoints Srikant Manda as its First Chief Information Security Officer

Srikant “Sri” Manda, AlphaPoint Chief Information Security Officer
Srikant “Sri” Manda, AlphaPoint Chief Information Security Officer

AlphaPoint, global blockchain company and the provider white-label cryptocurrency exchange platform has announced the appointment of experienced cyber security expert Srikant “Sri” Manda as its first Chief Information Security Officer.

Srikant Manda brings with him 15 years of experience in the cyber security field and has worked for some of the top financial institutions in cybersecurity operations at Citigroup and TD Bank. Before joining AlphaPoint, Srikant was leading security architecture and engineering teams at Juniper Networks and Fortinet.

Mr Srikant has a strong academic background in Security Strategy, Governance Architecture, Automation, Machine Learning, and Product Security.  Speaking at his appointment in AlphaPoint, he said:

“One of the reasons I am especially excited to join AlphaPoint is that it’s clear that the company already prioritizes security  internally as a company as well as for its customers. For example, their partnership with Intel offers a trusted security-focused solution backed by Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGXs),” 

For companies dealing in virtual currencies, cybersecurity and strengthening of their IT infrastructure are topmost priorities as often incidences of hacking and theft of digital currencies from the secure wallet of cryptocurrency exchanges are being reported.

Salil Donde, AlphaPoint Chief Executive Officer
Salil Donde, AlphaPoint Chief Executive Officer

AlphaPoint, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Joe Ventura commented on Srikant’s appointment:

“There is a lot of scrutiny around hacks and lost funds on cryptocurrency exchanges and we do not take this challenge lightly. We work every day to protect our clients and ensure the safety and security of our products and customers through multilayer cybersecurity, physical security, and operational best practices. Sri coming on board doubles down on our commitment to be a security first company.” 

AlphaPoint Chief Executive Officer, Salil Donde also commented: 

“Sri has successfully implemented best practices around cloud and application security within the financial services industry and is well positioned to oversee the security of AlphaPoint’s technology and products as well as to further mitigate any potential technology threats. AlphaPoint implements best practices and leads the way in terms of security. We are excited for Sri to ensure that AlphaPoint continues to set the precedent for others in the industry to follow.”