Social Intelligence Business Works with Bloomberg to Offer Alternative Data for Trading Decisions

Leading social intelligence company, DigitalMR announced today that Bloomberg Data License clients can now access its alternative dataset via Bloomberg’s data marketplace, Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

A tech company that maximises the use of Artificial Intelligence for data analytics and customer insights, DigitalMR’s alternative dataset is made up of posts gathered and annotated from social media and other online sources, via its proprietary tool “listening247”.

Now available as part of an Alternative Data catalogue offered by Bloomberg to its Data License clients, the data series include metrics such as net sentiment score, purchase intent, and ESG scores that are correlated with stock price fluctuations in order to discover “new alpha”. It includes three years of historical data about 18 consumer related product categories in multiple languages and it refreshes daily to guide investment decisions.

DigitalMR’s new dataset also contains posts in several languages including English, Polish, Greek. Portuguese, Thai and Korean and Bloomberg clients can now test this data.

Enterprise Access Point is Bloomberg’s web-based data marketplace that allows Data License clients to easily discover, access, and immediately use high quality, market-leading content from both Bloomberg and third-party providers. In September 2020, Bloomberg announced the expansion of its alternative data offering, representing a three-fold increase in the number of third-party alternative data vendors available since the product’s introduction in February 2019. The move allows Bloomberg clients to access a much-expanded catalogue of curated alternative data, uniquely positioned to provide insights in today’s market environment.

Michalis Michael, CEO of DigitalMR, explained: “We are proud to be working with Bloomberg to offer investment professionals a new set of alternative data for consumer products.

“Trading and investment professionals are increasingly searching for new sources of information that could compliment traditional data and provide an untapped source for creating alpha.

“Our alternative dataset provides unique insight to help users have more confidence in their investment strategies, as well as identify new investment opportunities. We are working on more datasets with stock tickers from additional sectors and geographies. Stay tuned.”

Launched by DigitalMR in 2014, listening247 is the most accurate social intelligence platform on the market, which integrates and annotates text from any source and in any language with topics and positive, negative, or neutral sentiment towards a company linked to a stock ticker.

Utilising bespoke machine learning models, the platform aids investors in discovering new alpha.

For more information and to access DigitalMR’s dataset for consumer products, visit: