SIA S.p.A Appoints New Chairman & On boards New Board Members

SIA - New ChairmanSIA S.p.A, a leading European payment services and infrastructure provider revealed in an announcement that its board now has a new Chairman. The announcement which came via an official press release from the firm also mentioned that the firm has also on boarded five new board members along with the appointment of new Chairman as per the directive from its parent firm. The new members who joined the board are Mr. Federico Lovadina, Ms. Andrea Cardamone, Mr Fabio Massoli, Ms Andrea Pellegrini and Ms. Carmine Viola respectively. As part of same meeting which saw addition of new members to its board, a vote was made to decide the new Chairman of the payment service provider as Mr. Giuliano Asperti the current chairman of the board has resigned from his role.

The candidates for new board members were designated by Cassa Despositi E Prestiti (CDP) the majority share holder of SIA S.p.A. The board unanimously agreed to appoint Mr. Federico Lovadina one of the newly on-boarded members as the new Chairman of SIA effectively immediately. Post the new additions and appointments, the current members who make up the board and their roles are:

  • Federico Lovadina – Chairman
  • Massimo Sami – Deputy Chairman
  • Nicola Cordone – Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrea Cardamone – Director
  • Alessandro Garofalo – Director
  • Fabio Massoli – Director
  • Andrea Pellegrini – Director
  • Salvatore Poloni – Director
  • Giacomo Riccitelli – Director
  • Francesco Silva – Director
  • Carmine Viola – Director

The new board now made up of 11 members expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the work carried out by Mr. Asperti and outgoing directors over the years with competence and professionalism over the years and also welcomed its new directors.

To those unfamiliar with the firm, SIA S.p.A is a renowned firm European circle well known for its design, creating and management of technology infrastructure and services for wide range of financial institutions. CDP, the Italy based firm which designated the addition of new members is the major shareholder of SIA with ownership of 83.09% stake. The firm’s clients are mostly made up of central banks, corporates and public sector firms and deal in areas of payments, cards, network services and capital markets. While based out of Europe, it is a multinational firm with presence across many major economic hubs across the globe with clients from 50 countries and subsidiary offices located in many European and African market regions. In 2018, the firm reported managing institutional service transactions worth billion and carried 1.204 terabytes of data on its network.