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SEC Adopts Amendments to Exemptive Applications Procedures

SEC - AmendmentsWashington D.C., July 6, 2020 — The Securities and Exchange Commission – SEC today announced that it has voted to adopt rule amendments to establish an expedited review procedure for exemptive and other applications under the Investment Company Act that are substantially identical to recent precedent, as well as a new informal internal procedure for applications that would not qualify for the new expedited process. These actions are intended to make the application process more efficient as well as to provide additional certainty and transparency regarding the process.

Jay Clayton, SEC Chairman
Jay Clayton, SEC Chairman

“The application process under the Investment Company Act is an important component of our regulatory structure. The process provides economic benefits to fund shareholders, expands investor choice, and facilitates innovation in the asset management industry, all with a steadfast commitment to transparency and investor protection,” said SEC Chairman Jay Clayton. “The changes approved today will modernize and streamline this process, resulting in improved transparency, reduced costs, and a more efficient use of our staff’s resources.”

These new procedures will be effective 270 days following their publication in the Federal Register.