Block One’s Voice Appoints Salah Zalatimo as Chief Executive Officer

Karthik Subramanian

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Block One’s Voice Appoints Salah Zalatimo as Chief Executive Officer

January 11, 2020

Voice - Salah ZalatimoVoice, the decentralized media network of Cayman Islands based blockchain technology provider Block.One recently revealed the addition of new senior level executive. As per statement released by the parent firm, it has hired Mr. Salah Zalatimo to serve as the Chief Executive Officer for its media network division set to come into effect from 20th January 2020.

The blockchain tech start-up launched its decentralized media network Voice last year with the goal of bringing integrity to social media. The platform hopes to achieve this goal by adding verified identity information to posts in order to encourage real content from real people which combined its blockchain backbone is expected to provide the social media contents with transparency and provable data integrity. The team has been continuously working to achieve this goal by leading from the successes and troubles faced by similar platforms.

Also, the media network platform is expected to establish a new economic model which is highly in contrast to the traditional model currently used where selling personal data and targeted ads come at the expense of users. The platform is expected to officially launch its beta version from 14th February, 2020. The incoming chief executive officer is a former executive of Forbes – a US based leading multinational bi-weekly business magazine and an entrepreneur/veteran with nearly two decades of experience in media, management consulting and tech sectors. Salah was originally one of the co-founders of camerama – a photo sharing app which was acquired by Forbes post which he became a VP at the media firm. He has since been promoted twice in his five year long tenure taking and is currently serving in the position of Chief Digital Officer.  Some of his other most notable roles from his career history include – executive and advisory roles in McKinsey & Co, Sony Music and The New York Times.

During his term with Forbes till date, Salah led a successful digital transformation yielding a completely re-engineered product organization which helped the media firm rebuild its platform from the ground-up.

Brendan Blumer, CEO

Commenting on Salah’s appointment, Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.One said, “Salah is a rare combination of product and media talent enriched by an entrepreneurial past. His experience in creating state-of-the-art content monetization and publishing tools makes him uniquely qualified to lead Voice. As users enter an era of being rewarded for their contributions to social networks, we believe it’s also important to focus on equipping creators with tools used by the world’s most successful journalists”.

Commenting about his new role, Salah said, “I’ve spent my entire career in digital media driving innovation by helping major content creators harness the newest technologies as competitive advantages. Blockchain is becoming a clear driver of digital media product innovation, and Voice’s tokenized design presents a fundamentally better way of empowering content creators and participants, a new generation of decentralized media is on the horizon. I am delighted to be a part of this effort”.

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