Revised Pricing Structure for Margin and Crypto Spot Liquidity Introduced by B2Broker

B2Broker, a world-known provider of liquidity and technologies for FX and crypto markets, has announced a new pricing structure for its liquidity offerings for brokerage businesses. The brand new proposition makes it exceptionally beneficial to connect to B2Broker liquidity pools. As of today, the pricing structure is the industry’s best solution.

Dating back to 2017, B2Broker primarily entered the market of Crypto CFD liquidity, offering brokerage companies access to 30 top-rated Crypto CFD pairs. B2Broker entered the industry as a pioneer of Prime liquidity, serving as a benchmark for its competitors. Since then, the array of liquidity offerings has skyrocketed. The company enhanced the number of Crypto CFD pairs to 115, keeping up with the times and enabling brokerage businesses to add the most in-demand pairs. On top of Crypto CFDs, B2Broker provides liquidity for Forex (Tier 1), Metals, Commodities, and other instruments.

CFD contracts for cryptocurrencies are among the top priorities for the liquidity provider – B2Broker is the industry’s leading solution, as more than 50% of Forex brokers, funds, and other companies offering Crypto CFDs have already connected to B2Broker liquidity pools.

Margin Liquidity

Margin crypto trading is reaching new highs globally, as users realise the high-level opportunities of this approach. B2Broker always keeps its finger on the pulse of market changes. This is why, together with the fast-growing popularity of margin trading volumes, the company has announced its new liquidity offerings to let brokerage companies provide the most beneficial conditions to their clients.

Welcome New Crypto CFDs

Our qualified experts constantly analyze the crypto market to understand which digital assets are gaining popularity. As such, B2Broker is pleased to introduce 15 more crypto CFDs available in our liquidity pool. The new contracts include the following digital assets (paired with USD):

Algorand, Avalanche, Cardano, Chainlink, Dogecoin, Filecoin, Maker, Polkadot, Polygon, SHIBA INU, Solana, Terra, Uniswap, Vechain, and XRP.

New Margin Requirements

Margin trading unlocks new opportunities for users who may ‘borrow’ crypto money to enhance their trading volumes. Previously, B2Broker limited the margin requirements by 20% (1:5), and now the requirement for major Crypto CFDs contracts are decreased to 10% (1:10) which means your traders may access brand new opportunities.

The new margin requirements are set for the following trading pairs:

BTC (paired with USD, EUR, and GBP), BCH (paired with USD, EUR, and GBP), ETH (paired with USD, EUR, and GBP), LTC (paired with USD, EUR, and GBP), and XRP (paired with USD and EUR).

New Commercial Offerings

B2Broker announced a set of commercial offerings for diverse business models that make it possible to select the best-matching solution for every case (WL solution, FIX API gateway, Enterprise solution). Our clients are about to get a solution that entirely corresponds with the requirements.

With liquidity providers, brokers’ hands are frequently tied, but B2Broker goes another way, offering its clients financial freedom. Enter the new Enterprise solution that enables brokerage businesses to manage price streams and risk management instruments. This is why the package is flexible enough to let brokers provide their users with the best trading conditions.

In addition, our solution is compatible with the leading HUBs/XCOREs (e.g., Prime XM, OneZero HUB), and the Enterprise package turns out more cost-effective than the purchase of a Hub and further attempt to connect to B2Broker liquidity. The Enterprise pack serves as an all-in-one solution.

Such a package seems to become a perfect one for brokerage businesses with their own servers (e.g., MT4, MT5, etc.), as the solution unlocks the possibility to manage markups, risk management instruments, price streams, and other parameters to adjust the package to personal needs.

Broader Network of Liquidity Pool Locations

Our clients are available to choose the best liquidity pool location to access the lowest latency. Locations are distributed throughout the world, including LD4, NY4, SG1, TY3, and Beijing. As for our White Label LD4-based clients, a broad network of servers around the world to experience high-class connections from anywhere on Earth.

Compatibility with Trading Platforms

B2Broker liquidity is distributed through the market-leading platforms. Forex CFD and Crypto CFD liquidity is catered through FixAPI, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, OneZero, and PrimeXM platforms, while Crypto Spot liquidity can be accessed through B2Trader, Rest API, or WEBSocket options.

Crypto Spot Liquidity Updates

In terms of the new crypto spot liquidity conditions, these updates are available on B2BX:

  • Trading fees are decreased to 0.04%;
  • The order book’s depth is broadened to 100 levels to match the major buyers and sellers’ demands. The overall volume of the compressed order book is equivalent to 120 BTC, while the average spread is just $7.
  • We have added several stablecoins and top-rated tokens to let traders and holders access the best industry’s instruments.

Arthur Azizov, B2Broker CEO, comments on the recent updates: “We are always in the search of something new, innovative, and revolutionary to provide our clients with industry-leading solutions that are able to cause the explosive growth of their businesses. The revised pricing structure makes it easier to access our services, and the high-level technical support helps partner businesses to pave the right path.”

With more than 400 instruments included in PoP liquidity pools, B2Broker is your door to success!