PrimeXBT Launches FX Trading Mobile App for iOS

PrimeXBT has announced new mobile applications for iOS and Android devices for traders on the go. The iOS trading app has already been launched and the Android version will be soon rolled out.

The brokers offers access to forex, cryptocurrency, stock indices, and commodities through its trading platform developed by Devexperts, a renowned fintech specialist that ensures high performance trading.

The multi asset trading platform is now accessible via iOS and Android in a world that is increasingly going mobile, even trading.

“The world is moving completely mobile. This trend began a long time ago, and it is definitely here to stay. Being on the edge of innovation, we couldn’t ignore this fact. We are proud to reveal the release of the native iOS application, with an Android version in development and coming soon”, said the firm in a statement.

PrimeXBT not only offers a secure, customizable, and liquid trading experience, but also offers access to personalized service with a dedicated account manager, the Covesting copy trading module, and an expanding roadmap packed with constant innovation.

The Covesting copy-trading module allows users to browse through hundreds of trading strategies provided by other traders, and automatically copy their trading activity.

The firm has recently launched the Covesting Yield Account module, which offers another way to generate income passively, all from a single account.

The Covesting Yield Account provides access to top DeFi protocols such as Uniswap, Compound, Curve, Yearn.Finance, and others, but without the need for technical expertise or to connect wallets to a decentralized exchange.

Using the tool, users can safely and securely stake idle crypto assets for industry-best variable APYs of as much as 10% under current market conditions.

The tool provides a fully transparent estimate of expected APY rates. Within just a few clicks, users can begin staking any crypto assets stored in a secure PrimeXBT crypto wallet for passive income, making the benefits of DeFi much more accessible to all.

The launch is part of an ongoing white label licensing agreement and B2B partnership between PrimeXBT and licensed European fintech developer Covesting. Other innovations include the Covesting copy trading module and COV token staking, which can unlock utilities that boost APY rates when using the Covesting Yield Account system.

In the future, PrimeXBT and Covesting will connect Covesting Yield Accounts to additional DeFi protocols and CeFi platforms to increase yields further and improve diversity across the service.