Peter Hetherington Appointed As CEO at Schroders Personal Wealth

Karthik Subramanian

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Peter Hetherington Appointed As CEO at Schroders Personal Wealth

October 9, 2019

UK based start-up financial planning services provider Schroders Personal Wealth now has a new Chief Executive Officer. The move was first made public via changes made to the LinkedIn profile of its newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Peter Hetherington who started his term at the firm earlier this month. While the firm may be viewed as a start-up it is actually a joint venture run by UK based multinational asset management firm Schroders plc and banking services provider Lloyds Banking group plc. Aside from his current role as Chief Executive Officer of the joint venture he has also been serving as Non-Executive Director for Scot gold Resources Limited for nearly one and half years now. Peter started his tenure at Scot Gold post serving at UK based forex and CFD’s trading service provider IG Group for 24 years.

Peter Hetherington

Peter started his career in financial services industry as a Graduate Trainee at IG back in February of 1994 post finishing his six year long tenure as an officer at Royal Navy of UK. Having obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics from Nottingham University while still serving in Royal Navy, he obtained his masters degree in finance from London Business School in 2001 while still serving in IG. During his mutli-decade long career at IG group, he climbed the corporate ladder all the way from rock bottom to top level management and leadership role having been promoted four times during his tenure at the firm. Some of his most notable roles at IG include – Dealing Director, COO & Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. While serving as CEO of the group, he helped the firm see a 47% increase in its revenue while profits role by nearly 65% making his one of the most successful CEO to have served at the firm.

Peter becomes the CEO of joint venture succeeding James rainbow who has been serving in role of Chief Executive Officer during the pre-launch and early days of joint venture. Having relinquished his role as head of the joint venture, James has now moved on to serve as Head of UK distribution and Latin America at Schroders asset management. Peter’s role as Chief Executive Officer has been taken up by June Felix who is also taking on the role of Executive Director of IG Group. Peter’s appointment at the firm comes in great part due to his successful role at transforming the UK based trading serving provider IG group from old fashioned paper business to technology focused platform according to comments from Chief Executive Officer of Schroders Plc, – Peter Harrison who also stated, “Peter is high energy and is used to running big, complicated businesses” according to an article in Financial Times.

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