OANDA Now Onboards Clients via Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line

Retail FX broker OANDA has selected CONVRS to better engage with prospective clients via social media. The multi asset trading company is thus enhancing its client onboarding process.

Nowadays, brokerage firms need to stay more connected and reachable where clients hang out online. Firms have been noticing that the most engaged brokers are able to increate their conversion rates.

This is where the industry is heading and there’s no deying it. CONVRS is thus helping brokers by providing personalized customer engagement.

The onboarding process will be made simpler than ever as prospective traders in the emerging markets can now open a demo account direct from a wide range of messaging apps. OANDA can converse with prospects and clients through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram and SMS in 53 languages.

Kurt vom Scheidt, Chief Operating Officer with OANDA, commented, “In today’s world, people are increasingly using instant messaging apps in every aspect of their daily lives. As such, we wanted to upgrade our onboarding protocols to better reflect this, extending our channels of communication to include the world’s most popular social media and mobile messaging apps, ushering our client engagement activities into the 21st century in the process.”

“Combining deep-seated expertise in the retail trading industry with a comprehensive plug-and-play solution, CONVRS was a natural choice. It’s exciting for OANDA to be able to increase engagement with our clients in a way that’s easiest for them by using their choice of tools and methods rather than those that might otherwise be imposed upon them. We look forward to introducing our new messaging capabilities to other jurisdictions around the world in the coming months,” he continued.

Enis Mehmet, Cofounder at CONVRS, added: “A FinTech firm at heart, OANDA has earned a reputation for using cutting-edge technology to connect with their clients’ ever-changing needs. Given the 85% open rate for messaging apps, OANDA is now meeting its clients where they are. Being able to support them in a variety of available channels, we look forward to working with how they engage clients in the other stages of the customer journey.” 

OANDA will forever be known for its pioneering role within the electronic trading industry, having been one of the first to launch an FX trading platform in 2001.

The industry has never stopped moving forward and multi asset trading is now the name of the game for OANDA and nearly all FX brokers nowadays.

CONVRS was founded in 2018 and caters to more than 25 FX and CFD brokers as well as digital banking solutions. Integrating WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, LINE together with SMS and website chat in an API-driven omnichannel platform, the company streamlines brokers’ conversations with customers.