Neueda Increases Data Processing for Python Users With Levyx

Neueda LevyxNeueda has partnered with big data system software provider, Levyx, to increase data processing capacity for the Python community of users within financial markets and beyond.

The product, Helium-Python interface, has been released by Neueda for use via – where Neueda’s Open Source software is released.

Colin Pattison, MD Capital Markets, Neueda, said: “We are delighted to have worked with Levyx to create a solution that will open up new opportunities within the data science field. Historically, Python implementations have involved handling large data sets inside current in-memory objects, which limits the language’s utility, particularly within the fast moving Fintech space. In fact, Fintech Python users regularly spend large amounts of time breaking up financial data sets into manageable sizes.

“We have connected Levyx’s Helium data store into Python to create a new dictionary object that can extend to many Terabytes on a single server. Users can therefore handle larger data volumes than ever before within their applications. We are pleased to add this to our growing suite of products for the electronic trading community through” said Colin Pattison.

Reza Sadri, CEO of Levyx, added: “We are pleased to work with Neueda on upgrading Python with an important new feature set, which enhances its enterprise-worthiness for Fintech users. Neueda’s customer platform is an excellent way to leverage these advances.”

Adding to the increased efficiency and effectiveness provided by the Helium-Python interface which accommodates larger data sets, the software allows multiple Python programs to access the same dictionary.

Founded in 2006, Neueda delivers large-scale, mission critical software projects on a global scale, including enterprise integration, legacy system modernization, data services.

The team regularly releases open source code for capital markets clients to support other tech specialists in electronic trading including Front Office SDK and Etiqet. The firm also has a dedicated slack community to allow those within the industry to communicate and exchange ideas with Neueda’s software creators.

Levyx was founded in 2013 by Reza Sadri and Tony Givargis in Irvine, CA, where they developed a high-performance key value storage engine that enables I/O-intensive legacy and Big Data applications.