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Moscow Exchange Approves Strategy 2024

MOEX - Group Strategy 2024On 14 October 2019, the Supervisory Board of Moscow Exchange (MOEX) approved a new Group Strategy 2024 that covers the five-year period through 2024.

The corporate strategy is centered around five key priorities, two of which relate to areas of responsibility and three that focus on areas of growth.

The primary pillars for the Company are two areas of responsibility: Core Markets penetration and Culture of Innovation, Trust and Responsibility.Moscow Exchange remains the pricing center for Russian financial assets and the main capital raising platform for Russian businesses. In this area, the Company will continue to broaden access, expand trading hours, grow the product and service line and provide an offering on par with the best exchange platforms globally. Particular attention will be given to relations with investors and issuers for attracting financing through equity and bond placements, diversifying the range of derivatives products and working with market data.

In developing a Culture of Innovation, Trust and Responsibility, Moscow Exchange will focus on accelerating business processes, reducing the time to market for new products and services, and increasing the cyber stability of key systems. To achieve a qualitatively new level in this area, the Company will focus on talent and leadership development by delegating authority on a wide range of business development issues.

Continued growth of Moscow Exchange’s business will be supported by the implementation of initiatives in three additional areas: Market Gateway, Balance Sheet Management and Financial Platform. These areas represent an organic continuation of the previous strategy and are based on the strengths of Moscow Exchange business model and key competencies of employees.

The Company will provide market gateway to a wide range of investment and savings products for professional participants and clients. The Exchange will focus on creating services that provide banks and brokers with new opportunities to promote their services, and the general population with access interfaces to the financial market via a single information field. This will allow the Company to double the base of retail investor users over the medium term.

When implementing balance sheet management initiatives, Moscow Exchange will provide professional participants and corporations with flexible services for liquidity, order execution and post-trade in a single interface. This will support growth of the client base and increased liquidity on the Money, FX and Derivatives Markets, including the Standardized OTC Derivatives Market.

Development of the financial platform means extending capabilities of the Company’s accounting infrastructure to a wide range of financial assets. Initiatives in this area will lead to the expansion of NSD’s service offering for savings instruments and information assets.

Consistent implementation of initiatives under the five key priority areas will allow Moscow Exchange to increase its client base significantly, promote market development and maintain fee and commission income growth of more than 10% per year on the Strategy implementation horizon, all while maintaining high efficiency and profitability of the business model.

Oleg Vyugin, Chairman of Moscow Exchange Supervisory Board, said:

“We believe that the Company’s new strategy is in line with modern technological trends, meets challenges facing Moscow Exchange and takes into account the interests of all stakeholders. For our clients, we will be a reliable infrastructure partner helping to promote their services through new digital market access channels. We will continue to grow shareholder value. And our employees will continue to work in a culture of responsibility and innovation that will contribute to their professional and personal development.”

Yury Denisov, member of the Moscow Exchange Supervisory Board
Yury Denisov, member of the Moscow Exchange Supervisory Board

Yury Denisov, Chief Executive Officer of Moscow Exchange, said:

“For me, it is a very interesting goal and a great responsibility to begin implementing Moscow Exchange’s new corporate strategy, which my team and I call Strategy 3-2-1: three areas of growth and two areas of responsibility for one mission: to bring trust, efficiency and innovation to the financial markets, helping companies and citizens to achieve tomorrow’s goals. Today the Company is well positioned to meet the objectives that the new strategy sets out.”