MoneeMint Ties Up with TruNarrative for Onboarding and Fraud Management

Moneemint, a fintech based in the UK that aims to be the first ethical digital banking platform in the UK, has tied up with TruNarrative, a company that focuses on fraud management, to streamline its transaction processing and client onboarding.

Moneemint is a digital banking platform that is focused on millennials and true to their desire, it has a digital-first approach and also seeks to provide its users with socially responsible finance. The bank has already started pushing prepaid products and services to its users through its tie-up with Railsbank. These products include Mastercard, international money services as well as banking accounts.

“It is fantastic to work with another ethical finance provider. Our partnership with MoneeMint demonstrates TruNarrative’s commitment to helping organisations of all sizes protect their business and their customers from financial crime, whilst remaining compliant and delivering a world-class customer experience.” John Lord, CEO of TruNarrative “We are looking forward to helping them continue to grow and become one of the UK’s most innovative banks.”

TruNarrative is a firm that helps companies with their KYC and AML processes and in this way, it helps to streamline the onboarding processes for its clients. MoneeMint plans to utilise its services to enable seamless onboarding of clients as the bank plans to digitalise its processes throughout. Using TruNarrative’s services, the bank also would be monitoring the transactions and transfers to detect any kind of fraudulent activity and thus ensure that it adheres to compliances requirements but at the same time, doesn’t pass on that burden to its users.

“I am delighted to be working with industry leaders TruNarrative to provide us with a comprehensive transaction monitoring and screening service to enable us to combat fraud and ensure that our customer’s money is kept safe.” Hassan Waqar, CEO of MoneeMint “We look forward working with TruNarrative as we launch and grow MoneeMint to be the world’s greatest bank.”

TruNarrative provides a no-code interface which means that the bank would be able to integrate its full suite of solutions seamlessly and in a very quick manner so that its risk management processes can quickly react to market and regulatory changes. The technology is also fully automated so that the verification of new clients can be done online along with monitoring customer behaviour and their transactions.