Microsoft and MSCI Innovate With Investment Solutions as a Service

MSCI has developed Investment Solutions as a Service in collaboration with Microsoft to provide institutional investors with an ESG offering that addresses today’s key strategic and investment challenges.

The service will combine Microsoft’s Cloud and AI technologies with MSCI’s data sets and analytical models. Investment Solutions as a Service will launch this year:

ESG Solutions as a Service
Index Solutions as a Service
Data Management Solutions as a Service
Investment Analytics Solutions as a Service

The increasing demand for technologies that offer “solutions as a service” has driven MSCI and Microsoft to develop the concept which is part of their strategic alliance to accelerate innovation in the global investment industry.

Henry Fernandez, Chairman, and CEO, MSCI, said: “The partnership with Microsoft underscores MSCI’s continued commitment to developing new and innovative investment solutions. We have combined Microsoft’s best-of-breed technology with our robust data and analytical capabilities and rigorous understanding of client challenges to create a suite of services to empower investors. From responding to the historic and unrivaled challenge of climate change to harnessing the power of big data and innovative analytics, Investment Solutions as a Service is a milestone in powering the next generation of investment decision making.”

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud + AI, Microsoft, commented: “MSCI and Microsoft share a commitment to accelerating innovation in the financial services industry. MSCI’s investment solutions, combined with the data and analytics capabilities of Microsoft Azure, will enable investment managers to harness intelligent insights needed to confidently navigate today’s global markets.”

Jigar Thakkar, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering, MSCI, said: “The launch of MSCI’s Investment Solutions as a Service is the latest example of our continuous innovation and drive to develop cutting-edge technologies. We recognize that our clients are operating in an increasingly complex environment where the need for intelligent insights for portfolio management and risk analysis has never been more important. Our new services will provide a friction-free experience with rapid self-customization and exploration of our data sets, putting power in the hands of investors like never before.”

ESG Solutions as a Service leverages Microsoft’s Azure and PowerBI platforms and provides ESG analytics so that institutional participants understand their risk assessment when compared to their peers, including insights on companies’ adaptive capacity to climate change, and carbon footprint measurements.

Index Solutions as a Service provides clients with a seamless, self-service experience to create, backtest and analyze customized indexes; compare those indexes against established benchmarks; refine their creations through an iterative process, and order them from MSCI.

Data Management Solutions as a Service & Investment Analytics Solutions as a Service allows developers and researchers to find, select and analyze historical markets data on a range of asset classes and develop their own investment solutions that meet their specific risk and portfolio construction needs.