Michel Plabquart Becomes head of TP ICAP’s EMEA Division

Michel PlabquartTP ICAP, the largest interdealer broker in the word recently made an announcement revealing the promotion of one of its executives. As per the statement released by the firm, it has promoted one of its executives, Michel Plabquart who has been serving at the firm for more than one year now to the role of Chief Executive Officer for their EMEA business division. Michel joined the firm back in January of 2018 in the role of Managing Director and Global Head of Client Relationship Management.

In his role of Global head of client relationship management, Michel actively engaged with the firm’s largest clients helping the firm institutionalize and broaden their client base by identifying key areas where the firm could serve its clients more comprehensively. His promotion to the role of Head of the EMEA market region becomes effective this month. 

Michel will continue to serve the firm by continuing to work from the firm’s London office albeit the role’s requirements to focus on clients from Middle Eastern and African markets as well. Michel is a veteran in financial services industry having held multiple high-level management roles during his 28-year long career across a wide range of verticals such as Credit sales, Retail Marketing, and Syndication, Client management, Clearing and Collateral Management. Prior to joining TP ICAP, Michel more than a decade serving US-headquartered multinational banking and financial service provider Citi Group from their office in London, United Kingdom. He served in Citi Group for nearly 15 years and 10 months before which he served for other banking and investment service providers Salomon Brothers and Schroeder Salomon Smith Barney handling their Treasury and Fixed income sales business divisions. 

He started his career as head of Financial Institutions Team for ING London back in 1991 and over the course of his multi decade long become an expert in client relationship management with a high level of knowledge and experience in dealing with a wide range of verticals in the financial services industry. His arrival at the firms comes at a time when the firm is facing tough market conditions owing to final Brexit preparations which are eating away at its revenues.

However, given the firm’s foray into the cryptocurrency market with the launch of non-deliverable Bitcoin Futures and changes made to high-level managerial roles in late 2018/early 2019, it is clear that the firm is preparing itself to stand tall and head toward development in times of global economic turmoil. 

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